Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1027

"It's as if you didn't say anything!"

If he knew what Song Jin's desire was, would she be running around like a headless chicken?

She watched the little bun eat with one hand and feed the rabbit grass with the other, his huge eyes filled with a liveliness that was not usually there.

Ning Xi tilted her head and wiped the little bun's mouth, her mood suddenly better again.

This place was a little far and it was a desolate countryside, so she was initially worried that the little bun would not adapt well, but who knew that this guy would be having so much fun? In fact, he was not feeling tired. It looked like she could bring the little bun out for more fun outings in the future!

Nature is always the best medicine!

When he watched Ning Xi's motherly expression, it was hard for Jiang Muye to describe his feelings...

Not too far away, Song Jin had finished his lunch very quickly and returned to work in the paddy fields.

Ning Xi and the rest lay down in the forest to take a short nap. When they woke up in the afternoon, Ning Xi continued to lead them to a few fun spots. The four of them enjoyed themselves until the evening, and as they were prepared to go home, it suddenly poured.

In fact, it started raining cats and dogs without any warning signs at all!

The little bun anxiously protected the rabbit in his arms while Ning Xi quickly carried the little bun. Lu Jingli took off his jacket to wrap the little bun in it before the four of them rushed out of the village.

However, it would take at least half an hour to get out of the village. With the torrential rain, the roads would only become increasingly difficult to walk through. It was quite a terrible situation.

Ning Xi was sputtering in the rain, "Hey! What the hell!? This rain wouldn't pour when it should, and it pours when it shouldn't!"

"What's the nearest place we can take shelter in?" Jiang Muye asked.

"There's only Elder Song's house around here but that's impossible...Elder Song wouldn't allow any strangers into his home! The last time, I wanted to go in for a drink but I was rejected!" Ning Xi said.

Just as the two spoke, they passed by Elder Song's home.

The moment that they were hesitating about whether or not to ask for help, the courtyard's door suddenly flew open. Song Jin stood at the door and peered at them. "Come on in!"

Eh? He had actually invited them in himself?

How did such an amazing thing happen?

"Thank you, Mr. Song!" Ning Xi did not have time to think. She quickly carried the little bun in.

"Thank you, Elder!" Jiang Muye and Lu Jingli chirped.

Song Jin's attitude remained indifferent. "I'm just doing it for the child."

Ning Xi put down the little bun. "Baby, quickly thank Grandfather Song!"

The little bun nodded as he put the rabbit in his mother's hands, then he took out his writing board and wrote earnestly, "Thank you, Grandfather."

When he saw that Little Treasure was interacting with him using a writing board, Song Jin was slightly astonished for a moment. Still, when he read Little Treasure's words clearly, surprise flashed across his eyes.

This boy was so young, yet he had written so well!

The rain poured endlessly outside; it looked like it would not stop very soon.

Song Jin left them and entered his study room alone.

Lu Jingli could not sit still. He became boredvery quickly and took out some cards from his bag. "It's so boring, let's play some cards!"

"Okay!" Jiang Muye seconded, "But how do we play with just three people?"

Lu Jingli laughed mischievously and looked at the little bun. "Let's teach the little bun and let him play with us!"

Inside the room, Song Jin had meant to focus on drawing, inspired by the rain, but when he heard Lu Jingli's intention, he opened his door and waved to Little Treasure. "Child, come toGrandfather!"

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