Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1028

The little bun subconsciously looked at his mother.

Ning Xi smiled and kiss the little bun's cheek. "Go! Go play with Grandfather for a while!"

She was really speechless at Lu Jingli and felt quite worried for his future children!

When he heard Mommy's words, the little bun nodded, then clumsily walked over to the elder. He had noticed earlier that the grandfather's study room had many drawings, and now he could not help but look up to admire them.

"You like them?" When he observed the way the little guy stared at them in awe, Song Jin asked with an unexpectedly gentle expression.

The little bun nodded, indicating his inclination for art.

"You know calligraphy? I mean...writing with the calligraphy brush, do you know how to?" Song Jin asked again.

The little bun continued to nod.

"Then...do you know how to draw?" Song Jin asked again. This time his tone had a discrete sense of nervousness.

The little bun nodded again.

When Song Jin saw this, he immediately pulled out up a blank drawing paper and gave the little bun some space. "Want to try?"


Outside, Ning Xi, Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye were playing 'Fight the Landlord'.

Lu Jingli looked towards the study room and wondered, "What's so fun for Little Treasure to be with that old man!? He should just play cards with us!"

"My little bun does like drawing. With Elder Song's artistic achievements, he would have lucked out by getting any pointers from him. And what's so good about playing cards with you?" Ning Xi scoffed.

Lu Jingli clicked his tongue, "Xiao Xi Xi....you're becoming more and more professional at being a mother!"

It was not sure how much time had passed before the study room door suddenly opened. Song Jin and the little bun walked out.

Song Jin, who had always looked so out of this world and immortal, now looked obviously emotional and excited. His gaze skimmed past Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye and asked, "Which one of you is this child's father?"

"Uhh..." Lu Jingli was taken aback by this sudden question and he replied reflexively, "I'm not!"

Song Jin immediately looked at Jiang Muye.

Jiang Muye cleared his throat and said, "I'm not either!"

Lu Jingli continued to say, "I'm the child's uncle!"

Jiang Muye added on, "And I'm his...um...cousin!"

Ning Xi saw that Song Jin's expression was weird, so she could not help but ask, "Elder Song...is there...is there something wrong?"

Song Jin instantly looked at Ning Xi, "You're the child's mother? Can you make decisions for this child?"

Huh? What decision?

Ning Xi thought about it, "Well...if it's a huge matter, it's best to hear what his father has to say first!"

Ning Xi then walked to inspect the little bun with suspicious eyes.

Baby, did something happen?

The little bun blinked. He was dumbfounded and was obviously not sure what was going on either.

Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye were confused too.

When Song Jin heard Ning Xi's words, his expression seemed anxious. He asked again, "Then...where's the child's father right now? Can I meet him?"

Ning Xi thought it was even odder when she heard this. She was about to say something when someone knocked on the door, breaking the rhythmic patter of the heavy rain.

Song Jin gathered himself again and walked absent-mindedly to open the door.

Outside stood a tall and lean man in a black windbreaker, holding an umbrella in his hand quietly amidst the late night breeze.

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