Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1029

"You are...?" Song Jin asked as his gaze evaluated the person before him.

The man was drenched and there was a significant amount of mud on the leg of his pants, but even though he was travel-worn and was in a sorry situation, his charisma was just as tantalizing as he exuded the vibe of someone pure and honest.

Song Jin had met many people and he could almost infer that the person before him was a somebody. There were many people who had appeared on his doorstep to invite him for many reasons, yet none of them had the charisma of this guy.

But...this person...why did he look slightly familiar?

"I'm sorry to show up uninvited so late at night, but I'm here to look for someone," said the man.

He deduced that he was here to look for the four that had entered earlier, so Song Jin just let him in. "Come in!"

When she saw who walked in, Ning Xi's eyes immediately widened as she flew to him, "Lu Tingxiao! Why are you here?"

"I was worried about you and our child." When he saw that they were both fine, Lu Tingxiao felt assured.

"Look at you, you're soaked!" Ning Xi quickly took out some tissues and gave it to him so he could wipe himself dry.

"No worries."

On the side, Lu Jingli, who was completely neglected, was instantly sulky. "Hey, hey, hey, you're just worried about your wife and child? You still have your biological brother and distant nephew here!"

Jiang Muye brooded. Please do not include me, just continue to ignore me.

Wife and child? When Song Jin heard this, he was stunned. That was the child's father?

No wonder he thought he looked familiar. Upon closer inspection, indeed they did look like father and son...

Lu Jingli looked to Song Jin and said, "Mr. Song! Didn't you want to meet Little Treasure's father? This is him!"

Ning Xi suddenly thought of explaining to Lu Tingxiao, "Elder Song seems to have some matters he needs to talk to you for. It seems to be related to Little Treasure!"

Since he had finally met the child's father, Song Jin did not beat around the bush any further. "This young boy has an extraordinary talent in drawing. I want to take him in as a student."

"Ah? Elder Song...you want to take Little Treasure as a student?" Ning Xi was shocked.

"Yes." Song Jin looked serious as he nodded; his gazeon Little Treasure was filled with fire.

"Well..." Ning Xi did not think that Song Jin would make such a request today, so she could not react immediately.

Song Jin had been single for his whole life and did not have children. Neither did he accept students, so when Ning Xi first read about him, she thought that he had no intentions of taking in any students. Therefore, her shock was understandable.

Assessing the situation, it was not that he did not want any students; he had just never met anyone he wanted to take in.

Elder Song had probably tested Little Treasure's skills in the study room earlier, thus sparking such a thought.

Ning Xi was full of pride at the fact that Elder Song, who was detached from worldly matters and had never accepted a single student, had taken an interest in Little Treasure. Her son was the best!

Actually, even Lu Tingxiao was a little surprised too. He did not expect that Ning Xi's spring outing and their taking shelter from the rain would result in Song Jin's request for an apprentice.

Based on Song Jin's achievements, the fact that he would accept Little Treasure was no doubt a huge opportunity for him.

Thus, Lu Tingxiao exchanged looks with Ning Xi before saying, "Elder Song, your reputation has long been renowned, as husband and wife, we've admired your work for a long time. Naturally, this would be something we can't refuse. However, we still want to get our son's opinion."

Jiang Muye was speechless.

As husband and wife...

The way he said it was a little too smooth on the tongue!

They were not even married yet!

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