Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1031

Ning Xi lay on the bed and lightly patted the little bun's back. "Days like this make me feel so contented! Wait until the day I retire. I want to find a place with an enchanting scenery like this to live in hiding!"

"You sure? There's no electricity or Wi-Fi here."

"Why would I need those for? I've got enough with you and Little Treasure!"


Ning Xi was chatting idly with Lu Tingxiao when she suddenly heard knocking sounds from the wall behind her.

Then, they heard Lu Jingli indistinct voice from the neighboring room, "Excuse me, the both of you, it's not very soundproof here. Can you stop displaying your affection in the middle of the night? I'm going to call the police if you two continue like this!"

Ning Xi responded, "Ah, I'm so sorry, I almost forgot that you guys were still here!"

In the neighboring room, Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye rolled their eyes.

Lu Jingli angrily bit down on his pillow and then hugged the blanket to roll around on the bed. "Ah! I really want to be in love! Why hasn't thatopen-minded, extraordinary, flawlessly beautiful, light as a bird, elegantly unpredictable, few in words yet fragrant in aura, graceful as a swan, and pretty much supernatural girl appeared yet?!"

Jiang Muye moved further away from him in disdain.


The next morning, Song Jin cooked some light porridge, complemented by some side dishes and a few salted duck eggs.

It was probably because the ingredients were of good quality, the food tasted very fresh and tasty. Lu Jingli had even eaten up to five big bowls of porridge.

"Elder Song, I've already gotten someone to arrange the accommodation for you. Whenever it's convenient for you, I'll arrange for someone to pick you up," said Lu Tingxiao.

Song Jin just answered, "Tomorrow then, I'll pack up today."


The two finished chatting, then Song Jin suddenly turned to Ning Xi who was feeding the rabbit with cabbages. "Girl."

"Yes! Elder Song, are you looking for me?" Ning Xi answered.

"That thing you mentioned, I'll agree," Song Jin contemplated for a while, then informed her.

"Ah...?" Ning Xi thought that Song Jin wanted to tell her about Little Treasure's arrangements. She was shocked by what she had heard and ittook a while for it to sink in. Her face was instantly in disbelief. "Are...are you talking about collaborating with Spirit Studio? You agree to it?!"

"Mmm." Song Jin nodded, then looked at the little bun and said, "As a thank you for letting me take in such a good apprentice!"

Ning Xi almost cried tears of joy as she hugged the little bun. "Oh! Little bun! You're indeed my lucky star!"

The little bun pursed his lips shyly from being complimented by Mommy.

After a while, Ning Xi let herself calm down then cleared her throat to ask, "Elder Song, umm...even though I really hope to invite you to collaborate with us, of course, more importantly, I hope that it is out of your own sincere intentions!"

When he heard the girl's words, Song Jin understood what she meant. "I've read the information you left at my door. The designer who came with you before this...what's his name again?"

"Gong Shangze!"

"Mmm, that boy's designs are not too shabby. He did not let my reputation down!"

When she learned that Song Jin validated Spirit's capability, Ning Xi felt assured. "Thank you for your appreciation, Elder Song, we'll definitely not let you down!"

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