Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1037

The woman was suspicious when she saw Ning Xi's pale face and her shaky legs.

Ning Xi had been pretty calm along the way just now and even took a nap but when they reached there, she became so frightened.

But, well, who could blame her? That man...was pretty scary after all!

The thick wooden door made a loud creaking sound as the woman pushed it open. The large house was empty and dark.

The light was not turned on andonly a few white candles lined up on the wall were lit up. The dim lights made the haunted house even spookier.

Under the dim candle lights, the oil portraits on the wall looked like haunting ghosts. The old wooden floorboards creaked as they walked through the house.

With an old pendulum clock, bronze mirrors, animal tusks, and deer heads...the house was like a horror film set populated with extremely ancient decorations. She expected a ghost to suddenly pop out of nowhere, or a white figure to suddenly hang down right in front of her...

Ning Xi walked slowly, her steps treading heavier after each step.

The woman with the gun on Ning Xi's back realized that she was walking slower and slower and she got annoyed.

As the woman was about to tell Ning Xi to go faster, the large clock in the house struck twelve.





The large clock rung out loudly all of a sudden and the sound echoed throughout the empty house.

"Arghh, ghost!" Ning Xi screamed at the top of her lungs and she turned around to hug the woman. She was shivering, apparently really afraid.

The woman was dumbfounded.

Bro Xi...was actually

Scared of ghosts?

She was wondering if she was dreaming

The worst thing was that the image of her idol was being destroyed bit by bit until nothing was left anymore

It was all just her imagination

"It's just the sound of the clock." The woman looked at the little bunny with an expressionless face.

"The...the sound of the clock...really shocked me"

After a while, the woman finally brought Ning Xi into a room upstairs. While it was just a short distance from the car to the room, Ning Xi felt like she had just gone through hell.

The woman in the black suit thought that Ning Xi was trying to delay her time, but then she realized that Ning Xi's forehead was full of sweat and she did not seem to be acting.

The woman still could not get over her past idol.

Ning Xi stopped her from leaving after they reached the room. "Where are you going?"

"Please wait here for a moment."

"You want to leave me alone here? No way! Don't go! What am I waiting for? Can't you wait with me? Aren't you worried that I might run away?"

"My mission ends here."

No matter how Ning Xi begged, she still left!

"Damn! We'll see if you'll leave me this quick if I were in a male outfit!"

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