Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1038

The woman's footsteps were going further and further away until Ning Xi could not hear it anymore.

The whole place was dead silent and there was not even the slightest rustle. She could hear herself moving just an inch of her body and the very tiny sound she made was magnified, terrorizing her.

She was already frightened even when there was another person with her; leaving her alone was torture!

Ning Xi took a deep breath and chanted whatever religious mantras she remembered as she tried to look around the room to distract herself.

There was a dimly lit white candle on the dressing table. She could see that the design of the roomwas pretty similar to the outside. The only difference was that it was way scarier. She also realized the room was very spacious. From the structure and decoration of it, it should be the master bedroom

Master bedroom!

Ning Xi suddenly ran to a corner, away from the entrance.

The rumor that went around was that the woman, who had hungherself, had done so at the entrance of the master bedroom!

She was standing exactly under it just now!

She finally understood their plan now. They wanted to scare her to death! There were some things in life that could never be overcome, like Ning Xi's fear of ghosts.

When she had stayed with her foster parents, her grandmother did not like her and tried to abandon her many times. There was once that she had left Ning Xi alone near a graveyard.

She stayed there for two daysand was deeply traumatized by the experience back then.

She ended up being terrified of ghosts. Even though she knew they were baseless assumptions, she could not help it. She also would not watch any horror films.

Ning Xi took another deep breath to calm herself down, then she tried to untie herself. Unfortunately, the woman had used a professional technique and the rope texture was special, so it was impossible to escape from it. She dragged her weak body around and checked the room but all the doors and windows were locked.

She looked into the mirror and saw her own pale face. Her thoughts ran wild and she thought that she was buried in the ground with the dead bodies...

She did not even have the capacity to think about why Feng Jin had trapped her there

The only thing that might make her feel better in the room was probably the bed.

Ning Xi's legs were trembling as she slowly moved towards the bed. She grasped the pillow to her chest and curled up into a fetal position.

Time passed by.

No one came and there was no sound.

She felt like she was the only one alive in the whole world until the candle on the dressing table was burnt completely. The sole source of light went out and the room became pitch black.

Ning Xi's tensed up mind could not take it anymore. Her deepest, darkest thought flooded her mind uncontrollably

A little girl was abandoned heartlessly. She waited at the same spot only to hear ferocious beast cries from the forest

She ran and then, was tripped by something. She looked down to see a pile of bones

She was lost in a woods full of dried up bones. She waited from night till dawn, and from day till dusk; she kept on waiting and waiting

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