Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1043

"Give her to me," Lu Tingxiao said.

The silver-haired man put his hand on his forehead and chuckled as if he had just heard a funny joke. "You infiltrated my turf and now, you want me to hand over my people? You sure have an odd sense of humor, CEO Lu."

Lu Tingxiao looked at his watch expressionlessly. "Three minutes."

He was being fairly straightforward. If they did not hand over the girl within three minutes, then...

The silver-haired man put on a creepy smile and raised his eyebrows. "Lu Tingxiao, when she was at her worst, her most desperate and most painful period of time, I helped her. I taught her all the necessary skills she needed to survive and to protect herself. She belongs to the same world as me. Sure, the world is vast, but in the end, she'll understand where she truly belongs!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression darkened the moment the silver-haired man finished his sentence. His broodiness was even stronger than the demonic man, so much so that even Lu Tingxiao's men were slightly taken aback...

The night became darker. The ominous clouds covered the moon and only a dim light could be seen.

Sometime later, Lu Tingxiao's bloodlust vanished. He looked at the silver-haired man without any expression. "Two minutes."

At the same time, both parties were in battle-ready mode. Even the snipers were ready from afar and the tension was high as everyone was prepared to fight any moment...

In a corner nearby, Feng Xiaoxiao wiped her sweat from her forehead. "It seems like a fight's going to happen soon"

Annie was freaking out. "What should we do!?We're not really going to fight each other, are we? Sis Xiaoxiao, I just found out that Strategist Feng kidnapped Bro Xi! How could he do this!?"

"To be honest, I didn't expect Elder Feng to be this straightforward this time as well. What is he trying to achieve?" Feng Xiaoxiao was suspicious.

Tang Ye's cold voice joined in, "Feng Jin hates anything that goes out of his control and affects Satan's decision. For a man, it's the worst thing ever to let a woman make you go berserk."

"So, Elder Feng wanted to snip the issue in the bud? So that's why Satan wanted to kidnap Little Junior Sister! This haunted house is the perfect place to keep her since she's super scared of ghosts. She'll definitely lose all her fighting power here. Moreover, she can't even fight that well now" Feng Xiaoxiao mumbled.

Annie suddenly tensed up. "I think Boss wouldn't really do that... Although he looks like a bad guy, and he always says bad things, he treats us really well...like he always says that he's going to feed me to the fishes, but he's never actually done it!"

"Ugh, your analogy... Such a naive child" Feng Xiaoxiao caressed Annie's head pitifully.

Feng Xiaoxiao then looked at the intense situation at hand. As both parties were ready to fight, she mumbled to herself, "Is this what Elder Feng is trying to achieve? Why does it feel like he's making trouble on purpose...?"

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