Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1046

The guy was a madman who would not care about the consequences once he went nuts...

He could be right in front of the Emperor's door and he would still force his way inside!

While they were on the outskirts, it was still within Imperial and if they were to really fight there, it would definitely catch the attention of the related parties.

Given Lu Tingxiao's influence, those who were overseeing the incident and knew him would give him some leeway, but this was only if both parties were beneficial to the officials.

If he were to cause a big ruckus here and attack Yun Shen right away, it would be a different story...

Ning Xi was shocked when she saw Lu Tingxiao accompanied by formal and ridiculously armed forces. She did not expect Lu Tingxiao to go to such great lengths for her and take such a big risk.

As Ning Xi was analyzing the pros and cons of her actions, the scene was dead silent and both of the men's expressions grew darker by the second.

Lu Tingxiao was especially irked. Yun Shen was acting superior as Ning Xi's ex-boyfriend and his words heavily impacted Lu Tingxiao.

As for Yun Shen, he had been together with Ning Xi for four years and he understood her very well. He already knew what was she thinking at that moment, which was why his expression darkened.

Suddenly, there was a strong surge of bloodlust in the crowd. A middle-aged man broke out of nowhere and aimed his gun at Ning Xi. He pulled the trigger so quickly that no one noticed it sooner.

The next second...


Nearly at the same time, another gunshot was fired as well!

The first shot came from Feng Jin while the other came from Yun Shen.Everyone was shocked, even Feng Xiaoxiao, Tang Ye, and Annie as no one expected Feng Jin to suddenly fire his gun.

The silver-haired man's cold aura enveloped Feng Jin. His hand was bleeding from the shot just now. Fortunately, his shot at Ning Xi had missed because Yun Shen shot him in the nick of time.

"It seems like I have an internal affair to settle." Yuen Shen raised his hand and all his henchmen put down their weapons and retreated into the building.

Lu Tingxiao's people relaxed a little when they saw the opponent retreat. They then looked at Lu Tingxiao for further instructions.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the middle-aged man with his cold eyes, then he raised his hand as well. His men also put down their weapons and retreated.

The tension had ceased for now.

Ning Xi ran towards Lu Tingxiao as the crisis was resolved...

Seeing the girl run towards him, he suddenly felt that he had received salvation in the midst of hell.

She walked towards...me...

Ning Xi's shirt was full of dust and grime as a result of falling onto the dirty front yard just now. Grass littered her outfit and hair. The domestic little bunny had now become a wild rabbit.

Still, when the girl went into the man's arms, it was clear that although she lived in the wild, she had a place she called home.

The moment her slender body melted into his, Lu Tingxiao hugged the girl tightly. His cold, empty heart was now filled completely...

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