Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1047

The silver-haired man's face turned as frigid as ice when he saw Ning Xi run towards Lu Tingxiao and they embraced each other.

Feng Jin covered his wounded arm and went up to the man. He quickly said, "Satan, we could let this go if Tang Xi stayed for you this time, but she has forgotten all about you and betrayed you. You don't have to involve yourself with a woman like her"

The silver-haired man glared at him heartlessly. "I like the way she treats me and how she's unappreciative towards me. Do you have any opinions about that?"

Feng Jin kept quiet.

Seeing that Lu Tingxiao was taking Ning Xi away, he was going to lose his final chance. Feng Jin clenched his teeth and warned, "Satan! That woman will destroy you!"

"Huh, if a woman can destroy me this easily, why don't you take my position?" The man's face was suddenly full of violence.

Feng Jin bowed his head respectfully. "I'm afraid I'm not fit to be!"

The man sneered, "I'm only respecting you because of Elder Qiao. If something similar happens the next time, you'll go back to where you came from."

Feng Jin's face went pale when he heard what the silver-haired man threatened him with. He thought that Satan would surely eliminate the woman after witnessing her betrayal personally, but yet... No way! This woman could not be spared!

"Tang Ye"

"I'm here."

The man glanced at the pale Feng Jin as he casually adjusted his sleeves. "Send a message to everyone. No matter who it is, if someone dares to hurt Tang Xi...I'll destroy him!"

"Noted," Tang Ye replied.

Feng Jin stood there without saying a word.

The man squinted his eyes and looked at the chopper as it slowly left his sight. He then opened up his palm.

It was a fluffy white ball from the girl's outfit just now, looking forlorn in his palm

They did not board the chopper Lu Tingxiao came in. Instead, they left with another smaller helicopter.

Aside from Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi, there was only the pilot in the chopper.

The moment the door closed, Ning Xi was kissed passionately

The man's wide hand held her waist tightly and his other hand wrapped thebehind of her neck as he kissed her with all his might

The tingling sensation of hot passion lingered on Ning Xi's lips and the first thing she thought of was "Boss, will we die in this helicopter?"

How could the pilot focus in this situation?

The pilot in front was probably facing the greatest challenge of his whole career life

The Boss at the back did not seem to have any intention to stop and the kiss was growing more and more intense as time passed. This...would not lead to them to do it on the helicopter, would it?

Even a pilot who had been trained professionally for eight years could not stand such an intense and rousing scene

At the same time, Lu Tingxiao went even further as he noticed the girl was not focusing, he suppressed himself so that he would not hurt the girl.

But there was still the scent of blood in their mouths

Although Lu Tingxiao was emitting such a dark and negative aura around him at that moment, Ning Xi was not scared at all. Instead, she clung to the man's neck and kissed him back, caressing his back with her fingers...

She put her hands on his chest and pushed him down until he was pinned under her. As she leaned towards him, the bunny hood slid over her head and her lips met his, all her suppressed fears and emotions fading as they kissed

The man used a hand to stabilize the girl's body to prevent her from falling as he returned her kiss with a more passionate one

The pilot in front was blushing as he saw the girl riding on top of the man; one in a formal black suit, the other one wearing a cute bunny outfit

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