Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1048

The kiss...lasted for a long time

From violent to passionate to gentle cuddling, none of them wanted to ever break the kiss

In the end, Ning Xi was the one who stopped. She pushed the man away firmly. "That's enough...if we keep continuing to do this, we might really crash!"

The pilot in front almost cried out of relief. The Lady Boss was so considerate!

Lu Tingxiao rested his head in the crook of her neck, apparently still shocked by what had happened tonight.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao with a worried expression. "We're still within Imperial's border and tonight, we really caused a big ruckus... Will it affect you?"

The man's lips stayed on her sensitive collarbone area. "Kiss me again, then it won't."

Ning Xi and the pilot were both speechless.

He had better change his career soon

Please give me back my cool Boss

They transferred from the helicopter to a car on their journey back. It was still dawn when they reached the city area and the sky was still dark.

Lu Tingxiao sent her back to Platinum Palace as he was worried that her apartment was not safe. He held her in his arms when he saw that her ankle was injured.

After putting Ning Xi down on her bed, she saw that he was about to leave, so she reached out quickly to hold his hand. "Where're you going?"

"To look for a first aid box. Your wound needs to be treated."

"Oh, hurry then!"

A while later, Lu Tingxiao came back with a first aid box.

Ning Xi was badly scratched on several parts of her body when she fell down earlier, so Lu Tingxiao used alcohol swabs to clean the wounds, then he applied some ointment. Fortunately, they were just normal scratches, so a few bandages would suffice.

Lu Tingxiao's expression darkened while he was applying ointment on her wrists as he saw the red marks caused by the ropes when she was trussed up tightly.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Yes!" Ning Xi nodded.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and his expression darkened even more. "Where?"

Ning Xi pointed at her lips sulkily. "Here."

You caused them to be hurt!

Lu Tingxiao was taken aback a little. He coughed lightly, "I'll apply some ointment for you"

After the cool mint-colored ointment was applied to her lips, she felt a lot better.

When Ning Xi saw Lu Tingxiao turn around and was about to leave the room, Ning Xi held onto his shirt. "Where're you going?"

"I'm getting a towel for you."

"Oh...then go and come back quickly! Wait, never mind. You know what? I'll just go with you!" Ning Xi went to the toilet with him.

Lu Tingxiao rinsed the towel under some hot water, then cleaned her dirty face and hands with it. "You can't shower with all the wounds on you, so this will do for now."


"Are you sure there're no other wounds?" Lu Tingxiao asked again after they had gone back to the bedroom.

"No more, really!" Ning Xi rolled up her sleeves to show him. "They didn't do anything bad to me."

They just used some cruel psychological tricks

Lu Tingxiao was relieved now. "You should change into a clean outfit. It'll make you feel more comfortable."

Lu Tingxiao was about to leave the room to let her change, but Ning Xi quickly stopped him. "Where are you going again?!"

Lu Tingxiao was confused by the girl's unusual attitude. "To let you change."

"Why do you have to go out when I change?! Just stay here!" Ning Xi sounded anxious.

"What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao frowned.

Ning Xi sobbed as she hugged the man's waist. "I'm scared...don't go!"

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