Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1056

Lu Jingli tried to justify himself, "Why give it to the crew? They don't need that tiny portion of food, do they? Bring it back for me! Do they invite different guests every time or is there just one permanent guest? Should I make you the permanent guest? You can just go every time as long as you bring me back the props! How does that sound?"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Jiang Muye glanced at Lu Jingli. "Don't even think about it. The show will request the male guest to finish everything the female guests make!"

Lu Jingli went to a corner to comfort himself as he mumbled, "How can the show be this cruel?"

"It really is heartless," muttered Jiang Muye as he was reminded of something that brought up a painful expression on his face. "This show invites new guests every week and all of them are pretty girls. They rely on the girls to raise the show's ratings, but the dishes...all of them are disgusting! Don't ask me how I know about it!"

"How do you know?" Ning Xi and Lu Jingli asked at the same time.

Jiang Muye's mouth twitched as he pinched the area between his brows. "Aside from inviting one female guest, this show will also invite a male guest as the assistant and I went once."

"Then?" Ning Xi asked with excitement.

Jiang Muye looked like he was recalling a traumatic memory. "Like I told you just now, this show requests the male guest to finish everything the female guest makes, which means, even if it tastes like shit, the male guest has to finish it!

"The female guest then was quite pretty, so I assumed that the dishes she made would have the same rating as her outlook, so I agreed to appear on the show. Who would have thought?

"I was forced to eat all of the charcoal-like over-cooked roast pork. Plus, I had to lie and say that it tasted great! After that, I didn't eat roast pork for a whole year! Can you imagine the trauma it left me with?!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "You deserved it!"

You just wanted to know the pretty girl at that time? Karma's a b*tch!

"Afterwards, I spoke to a few other male guests who had gone on the show before. We realized that the prettier the female guest is, the worse the food tastes. Most of the male guests are unwilling to go on this show again"

Jiang Muye glanced at Ning Xi. "Well, if you're going to be in this show, I can find some time from my packed schedule and be the male guest just to support you!"

Lu Jingli was triggered by what he said. "Hey! Jiang Muye, you're evil! You're not being fair! As your boss, I'll never allow it! I've decided to go by myself!"

Lu Tingxiao remained silent.

The biggest boss of all felt invisible in front of them.

Ning Xi recovered after a few days of rest at home.

Since it was a weekend and the weather was great, Ning Xi brought both the big bun and the little bun out for house-hunting.

However, there was a third wheel. Tang Lang accompanied them.

At the front yard, Tang Lang was ranting, "What is this!? People still use steel fences in this day and age? It can be taken down so easily!"

Ning Xi glanced at him curiously. "Then, how would you do it?"

"Infrared rays, of course! Bullets that fly out the moment people touch it! Instant kill!"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "This is China, alright!? China! No killing!"

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