Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1060

"Hello, our dear audience, it's time for our Beauty's Specialties today! The female guest of the day is one real beauty! She played the role of Meng Changge in 'The World', and the poor An An from 'Our 18-Year-Old', please welcome Ning Xi!"

"Thank you, Ms. Emcee, and hello to everyone! I'm Ning Xi and I'm going to make one of my best dishes today, roast pork."

"Ah! Roast pork! Could it be that beautiful minds think alike? Many people have made this dish before!" The big screen suddenly lit up,showing the process of a few previous female guests preparing the dish.

The dishes came out on the screen, each one more burnt than the other

They put on an extended scene of Jiang Muye eating the dish.

The live audience guffawed and Ning Xi saw Jiang Muye's expression as if he was eating shit. She laughed as well. "The seniors are so cute!"

The emcee warmed up the mood a little more. "I wonder what kind of tasty dish Ning Xi will bring us today? Okay, let's cut the talk short and have our beauty of the day begin!"

Another beauty

Another boring roast pork

The live audience was recruited by the director randomly. Some were even paid actors, and quite a number of them had been there several times. They looked unenergetic as the programme never seemed to change.

"Sis Meimei, is it alright if I use my own tools?" Ning Xi asked the emcee.

If she was going to do it, she would try her best, so Ning Xi had brought some of her own tools.

The emcee smiled. "Of course!"

Actually, the host was a little worried for Ning Xi. Some of the previous female guests made similar requests as well, but in the end, the dish still turned out to be terrible. One tried to show off her knife skills but cut herself. She was then criticized by the audience for doing the unnecessary.

After Xiao Tao prepared the tools, Ning Xi started cooking.She put on an apron and checked through all the tools, then started selecting the ingredients.

"Is there anything I can help with?" Feng Rui asked.

Ning Xi smile at him. "Senior, can you help me to wash the radish?"

The girl's smile was so warm and kind that Feng Rui blushed a little. "Oh, okay!"

"Ning Xi, what are the radish for? Do you put radish into roast pork?" The emcee asked.

"I'm afraid that it might be too oily to have just the roast pork. Eating radish that's been pickled with salt water can be refreshing."

"I see!"

The emcee was thinking to herself, "The main point isn't if it was oily or not, as long as it won't kill the male guest, then it's all good"

"It...it's done!" Feng Rui passed over the radish.

"Thank you." Ning Xi took the radish and started slicing it finely.

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