Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1062

The moment Ning Xi removed the claypot lid while wearing a pair of kitchen gloves, the fragrance filled up the studio. The roast pork had a lovely, seductive caramelized color.

The emcee tried to suppress her drool. "Now, please let our male guest try out our beauty's specialty today! Please finish them all!"

There were many cases of delicious-looking dishes that tasted terrible before, so everyone was cautious until the eating bit of the show.

Feng Rui had fully prepared himself before he came. To avoid him puking, he did not even drink water before coming to the show. He was starving at the moment and even though he was still cautious about this roast pork, the look of it made him salivate.

Feng Rui sat at the table and under everyone's anxious gazes, he carefully picked up a piece of roast pork and took a bite.

Then, the second bite, third, followed by the second piece, third piece

"Rice!" Feng Rui blurted out.

"Oh" The emcee quickly handed over a bowl of rice.

Then, Feng Rui almost forgot he was on a show as he chomped down the meat, rice, and sometimes took a few slices of the refreshing radish, not even raising his head.

Feng Rui finished a whole pot of rice with with a pot of roast pork and a plate of radish.

The emcee, crew members, and the audience just gaped at him as he consumed all of it

The crowd only returned to their senses when Feng Rui licked up the last drop of the sauce

Everyone reacted, "Hey! Leave some for us at least! You even finished the radish!"

Feng Rui felt that it was unbelievable that he had eaten everything so obliviously as well. He scratched his head. "I-I'm sorry! It was too good! I've never eaten any roast pork this scrumptious! And that radish, it's really good as well! I have no idea how to describe it, it's just awesome! You know the saying that really great food can make you forget about everything? I think I just experienced that! I really forgot that I'm still in the middle of a show!"

The emcee cried, "It's useless now that you've finished all of them! We can't relatthro how good it is at all!"

After the show ended, Ning Xi made another plate with the leftover ingredients and gave it to the crew members and live audience.

The director shed tears of happiness. How he wished he could make Ning Xi his permanent guest on this show! Then, he could eat her dishes every time!

As for the cameraman, he spent his last sense of rationality and recorded the director sniffing as bloopers.


For this episode of "Beauty's Specialties", the director used an odd way of editing.

The forty-minute show was separated into half an hour of Ning Xi cooking, and ten minutes of Feng Rui eating.

Yes, a full ten minutes of just Feng Rui eating!

As the show aired on the weekend, the views topped even the episode with Jiang Muye, breaking the record of the highest views ever since the show aired. The video was viewed more than 10 million times in just a day. The views increased exponentially especially during midnight.

At the same time, this episode swiftly took over the top spot of Weibo's hot topics, and its popularity kept on rising

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