Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1069

Zhuang Zongren was still worried, so he continued asking, "Where do you stay now? A place provided by your company?"

"I stay in an apartment arranged by the company, but I'm moving soon. I've earned quite a bit, so I just bought myself a house," Ning Xi replied.

Zhaung Zongren was glad to hear that. "It's great that you can rely on your own at such a young age!"

He then looked at his own useless grandson with despise.

Zhuang Rongguang remained silent.He was already eating quietly. Why was he still being targeted?!Was this woman here just to go against him?

"How're things with Xiao Lu recently? That kid didn't bully you, did he? What's up with the cheating matter Keer mentioned the last time?" Zhuang Zongren finally reached the most important question he wanted to ask.

Ning Xi quickly replied, "We're great. It was a misunderstanding the last time, but we've resolved it already."

"That's good...that's good" Zhuang Zongren mumbled as his expression turned grave.

Xiao Xi's current identity was still the adopted daughter of the Ning family. With Lu Tingxiao's family background, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi would never agree to their relationship so easily.

He swore back then then that he would never get involved in anything related to Lingyu, but Ning Xi was her daughter and her relationship with the Ning family was so complicated

Nevertheless, he was still her grandfather. Seeing his granddaughter grow up to be such an obedient child and especially when she looked so much like Ci, how could he not be concerned?

Zhuang Keer could faintly feel her grandfather and father's attitude being a little odd during dinner.

However, she was not sure what was wrong, so she just assumed that they were being nice to Xiao Xi because she had saved Grandfather before

The villa Ning Xi bought had a nice name, Peachwood.

After the security system was set up, Ning Xi informed Ling Zhizhi about moving, then soon after, she started packing up her things.

As long as Ning Xi still worked for the company, the apartment in Regal Riveria would still be hers, so she left some of the larger items there.

The moving company was efficient and they shifted everything very swiftly.

When she was moving, she accidentally found something troublesome

A...big diamond

It was sent to her by Yun Shen on her first day working on "The World".

She closed the lid and looked around. After making sure that there was nothing else left, she went down.

"Hey, pretty, is there anything else?" The moving staff asked.

"Nope, let's go!"


As Ning Xi was about to get into the car, she heard her name being called.

"Ning Xi!"

Ning Xi turned around and saw Ning Yaohua.

"CEO Ning, you called me?"

"CEO Ning?! I'm your father!" Ning Yaohua looked flabbergasted, thenhe took a glance at the big truck. "What are you doing? Moving?"

"Is there a problem?"

"Perfect timing, actually. Move back with us now! I'm here to tell you this today!" Ning Yaohua said.

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