Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1073

Opposite, on the sofa, Lu Xinyan was a little speechless when she saw the two of them chatting so happily, so she quietly asked Lu Jingli beside her, "Didn't Zhuang Keer go on a blind date with Cousin before? How does she know Ning Xi? And it seems like they are pretty close."

Jiang Muye and Lu Jingli looked at each other, not knowing where to start.

"Steamed bun, go and get me some fruits!" Ning Xi yelled at the robot.

"Master, I'm Andrew, not steamed bun. Please wait!"

As Andrew was going to get the fruits, it suddenly stopped.

They then saw Little Treasure taking a chair and putting in front of it. He stood up on the chair and opened a lid on the back of the robot. He was modifying something within the complicated-looking circuits and screen inside.

After a while, Little Treasure closed the lid and the robot's eyes lit up. Itturned towards Ning Xi and greeted her, "My dear Master, your most loyal butler, steamed bun, is at your service!"

"Hahahahaha" Ning Xi giggled, then patted Little Treasure, "Thanks to my little bun!"

For making the stubborn Andrew become "steamed bun".

Lu Xinyan was confused by the sudden emotions that bubbled up in her throat.


Why did it feel so heartwarming?

A lover, a kid, a few good friends, and a cute little pet robot

Her cousin had always given her the vibe of being emotionless like a robot, but when he was beside Ning Xi, he was so...gentle

She could envision him as a person who came back from work and gently looked at his wife and son like a normal man

Once, she hated Ning Xi for making her beloved cousin fall from the rank of a god to that of of a mortal, but now, she felt her eyes tear up seeing her cousin's warm expression.

The second day, at Spirit Studio.

"Director Qiao, are you looking for me?"

"Boss, look at this." Qiao Weilan handed her a stack of materials.

Ning Xi glanced through them. "This is Lu Xinyan's new proposal. She's mentioned it to me in private before, but what do you think?"

"I can't say much about the proposal. It's good but she was obviously taught or helped by others. No one knows how it will fare in execution...but" Qiao Weilan stopped for a little. "She's taken up one of the best spots in the large shopping complex in the west of the city, so I think we can give her a try!"

Ning Xi nodded. "I can also see that she's very serious this time. With our brand's popularity now, it's quite impossible for us to lose money on her, right?"

"Let's hope so!" Qiao Weilan replied.

Her decision was actually a little risky.

However, like Ning Xi said, attitude was important. If Lu Xinyan was as playful as before, she would not let her through even with the shoplot she had acquired in the west of the city.

"Should I inform her now?" Qiao Weilan asked.


A short while after Qiao Weilan called Lu Xinyan, Ning Xi's phone rang.

As expected, it was Lu Xinyan.


"Ahhhhhh!!!" A loud, deafening scream came from the other side of the phone.

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