Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1076

To repay one life with another, as long as she agreed, she would not owe him anything anymore!

Ning Xi agreed easily since he had not mentioned the period anyway! She had so many exes, so he was just another on on the list.

After she agreed, she decisively escaped the next day

Thiat was the truth behind her one-day relationship with Yun Shen

Tang Lang did not know about Ning Xi's true story. "So, from what I see now, your safety is definitely secured!"

He then sighed, "Now you know why I need you to pay for my alcohol, don't you? I might lose a part of my salary soon!"

Ning Xi stared at him in disbelief. "Don't worry, you won't! Didn't you say that the best and most perfect weaponin the world is your body? So, please continue to train me! Who knows if he might go crazy and want to crush my bones? I have no one to rely on!"

"Well, that's true, you still need me. I'm your Master!" Tang Lang nodded.

"However, since you're not that useful and the fact that my safety is secured for now, your doubled salary has returned to the normal rate now!" Ning Xi grinned.

"Hey! You profiteer! You think I won't go and get back my card from Tang Ye, huh?!" Tang Lang howled.

"Heh, you can always try. No one's stopping you. But don't say that I didn't remind you. The last time I was caught there, I saw First Senior Brother with several new scars on his arms! He must've put himself through some devilish training! Compared to your half-assed training, I wonder if you'll be getting your card back or giving your life up?"

"Little Junior Sister, I suddenly feel that your suggestion about my salary adjustment is appropriate!" Tang Lang quickly changed his attitude.

Lu Xinyan was impatient. The moment her proposal passed, she immediatley opened her store.

On top of that, she organized a grand opening ceremony on the first day, inviting several popular celebrities over, and because of Lu Corporation backing her up, many socialites came over to support her.

At the same time, outside of Spirit's store, Ning Xueluo and History's marketing manager stood somewhere near the store.

"Boss, it's here" The manager pointed at Spirit's sign.

History had a store in this complex as well, but the location was not as strategic as Spirit's. Their retailer was a general fashion retailer, and while they were not bad, their status and name could never beat Lu Corporation's.

As he saw Ning Xueluo's expression darkened, the manager said, "Boss, although Lu Xinyan has the name of Lu Corporation behind her, she's useless! All her previous businesses ended up losing money and her ex-partners were almost ruined by her, so her involvement with Spirit is Spirit's misfortune!"

Ning Xueluo did not seem happy about it. She did not care about their business at all. It was the fact that Spirit was able to attract people like Lu Xinyan.

That meant that Spirit was just as popular as History

Ning Xueluo looked at the man beside her coldly. "You cannot let Spirit continue to grow. Use whatever method you can!"

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