Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1078

At the headquarters of History,David swirled the wine glass in his hand, then took a sip. He said happily, "Boss, like I said before, brand and popularity is one thing and business management is another. No matter how good their designer is, they aren't a threat to us!

"Now that you've seen it for yourself, you can relax now! The marketing department said that Lu Xinyan was a real amateur. All the business she has handled before failed in the end. That girl from Lu Corporation simply has no idea how a franchise works. She made money-losing promotions one after another, turning Spirit into another cheap brand now. When people stopped coming by after promotion period ended, she'd start another promotion campaign again! Hahaha"

David guffawed heartily.

Ning Xueluo wore a long dress. She looked outside the window with a sneer.

They thought they had gained a solid supporter and tried to get involved with Lu Corporation through Lu Xinyan. Great! Instead of gaining, they have lost a lot more now!

Nevertheless, she already expected that this would happen with Lu Xinyan. It was nothing to be surprised about.

"Oh yes, I'm here today to ask you something. Have you heard of this person?" Ning Xueluo passed David an Italian fashion magazine.

David's eyes glowed when he saw the designs on the cover, but when he saw a vague face of the designer, his expression changed.

"Han Xiao?!"

Although the picture was not clear, he could tell that it was him.

"Do you know him?" Ning Xueluo asked when she saw the obvious change in his expression.

"Boss, this Han Xiao is a Italian-born Chinese...h-he's a madman!" David seemed to be reminded of something scary and his forehead was full of sweat. "I went to Italy to study for a period of time before. Although Han Xiao was impressive, he has a bad reputation. He betrayed his own teacher, always had extreme mood swings, and he only does whatever he likes!"

David had heard a lot about Han Xiao before. Although he was a newbie in the fashion design industry, everyone called him "The Demon". However, he disappeared a long time ago as his interest in design did not last long. He quit after his interest fizzled out.

He could recognize the man because he had met him personally before at a gathering in Italy and his friends had told him about Han Xiao.

"That's great then. I heard he came to China recently. He's right in our city! Help me look for him." Ning Xueluo grinned.

Find Han Xiao?

David shivered. Even if he met him, he would want to leave as far away as possible. Who would want to be with a madman?

"Boss, what're you saying?" David felt uneasy. Why did Ning Xueluo want to find Han Xiao? Maybe

"I need him to help History get to the next level," Ning Xueluo said straightforwardly. However, there was a twist. "But you can relax, you'll still hold your position. Since he's a madman, I'll probably just use him once or twice."

"Understood." David smiled as he stood up and finished the wine in his glass.

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