Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1079

At West City Mall, Lu Xinyan's store was having all kinds of promotions. Ning Xi shook her head when she reached there.

When Ning Xi walked into the store, a few salespeople were chatting away happily, not even greeting Ning Xi when she entered.

"Anyone here?" Ning Xi frowned a little and asked.

The salespeople then turned around and looked at Ning Xi.

"I'm sorry, we're getting off work soon. Please come again tomorrow," said one of the taller salespeople.

"If you're getting off work soon, that means you haven't just yet," replied Ning Xi.

They were a little surprised, then took a closer look at Ning Xi. She dressed a little plainly today, but they all had instantly looked down on her.

"Miss, Spirit is a high-end luxury brand. Although we do have some promotions going on, all of them still cost at least tens of thousands." The tall salesperson sounded impatient.

Their customers used to be mostly rich socialites and famous celebrities. However,ever since their promotion campaign started, more and more people visited them and asked them for the prices as if it was a market. The salespeople felt disgusted as they knew that these people would not be able to afford them even after asking.

Ning Xi ignored them and went inside the store.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't I tell you that we're closing soon!?"

They went after her and the tall girl looked especially annoyed.

Ning Xi's eyes landed on a long coat and she put her hands on it. The tall girl wallked in front of her, grabbed the coat and put it on a higher rack to avoid Ning Xi from touching it.

"I'm sorry, Spirit is a luxury brand. You can neither try nor touch it!"

"How much is this?" Ning Xi asked.

"This?" The tall girl glanced at Ning Xi disdainfully. "This is a new design from Spirit. It's $ 40,000 after discount!"

"$ 40,000?"

Ning Xi was more than a little shocked. The cost price cost was more than that. Each piece Lu Xinyan sold made losses. The more she sold, the more she lost.

The salesperson thought that Ning Xi was shocked by how expensive it was. When they saw her frown, they tittered coldly at her.

"You can go to other stores. Spirit's clothes are the definition of luxury."

All of them looked at Ning Xi like she was some poor, penniless lady.

"What time is it now? Is it really time to close?" Ning Xi looked at them coldly.

"That's none of your business! Please go somewhere else and stop looking for trouble!"

The tall salesperson was really rude.

Before Ning Xi could continue, a man and a woman entered. The girl had a branded sling purse on her right shoulder while her left armclung onto the man beside her.

"Is it closing?" The girl asked the tall salesperson.

"Oh, Sis Li Xun, of course not. We're waiting for you!" The tall salesperson ignored Ning Xi and quickly went up to Li Xun with a smile.

Li Xun glanced at Ning Xi, then forced a smile. "For a brand that's meant to be the definition of luxury, no wonder you'd want to close now to avoid random people coming in."

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