Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1080

"You're right, Sis Li Xun. Even though Spirit is having promotions now, not many people can still afford them. There're even some people who sneak inside luxury shops and get prepare to steal when they think no one notices."

The tall salesperson then intentionally threw a glance at Ning Xi.

"Sis Li Xun, we have some new products. Our boss's discount is much better than the main branch's. Do you want to have a look?"

The other salesperson went up to her and introduced some new designs.

"We'll just take a look then." Li Xun clung on to her man and followed the salesperson.

"Hey, why are you still here? Don't block the path!"

They shoved Ning Xi aside, making her very frustrated. All the salespeople in the franchise stores were paid directly by the main branch, even Lu Xinyan's store.

Ning Xi had not come for nothing this time. She now realized an extremely severe issue. Spirit was too focused on making the brand popular and setting their brand positioning in the market, but they ignored personnel training. Whether it was the salesperson or store manager, they should have received proper training from the main branch before being sent out to other franchises.

When they saw that Ning Xi was not leaving, the salespeople ignored her and served the couple.

"This looks pretty good, how much is it after discount?" Li Xun asked.

"Sis Li Xun, this discount on this one isn't good enough. We have another one that's fresh from the main branch."

The tall salesperson then took out an elegant coat.

"Let me tell you, this cost $ 60,000 when the boss took in from the main branch, but after discount, this is $ 58,000!" The tall salesperson beamed.

"Let me try."

The girl quickly put it on for Li Xun.

"Dear, does it look nice on me?" Li Xun turned around and asked the man beside her.

"Mmm, not bad, looks better than the one you bought for $ 120,000 from History." The man smiled adoringly at her.

"Hmm, Spirit can never compare to History. History is the real luxury brand. You can't even try the clothes on there." Li Xun pouted, "But, well, Spirit is kind of okay."

The man shrugged. From his experience in both shops, Spirit was way behind History. The salespeople in History were very professional.

"This is pretty good, give me this one." Li Xun took off the coat.

"Give me a moment, Sis Li Xun, I think I can get this coat even cheaper." The tall salesperson gave her a secretive smile, then made a call.

"Manager, it's the latest coat. A customer wants it to be cheaper and you know we're still new anyway... Mmm, okay, I understand."

The girl ended the call and winked at Li Xun. "Sis, the final discounted price is $ 55,000. That's another extra$ 3,000 discount!"

"You're really good at closing deals. The next time you come to my place, I'll definitely give you some special service." Li Xun was satisfied.

"Sis, with our relationship, of course I'd want to save money for you."

After they packed the clothes, they all sent Li Xun out of the store with wide smiles.

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