Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1081

"Why aren't you leaving? We're closing!" The tall salesperson said coldly when she saw that Ning Xi was still there.

"I remember that Spirit is a high-end store and trying on items isn't allowed." Ning Xi stared defiantly at this arrogant salesperson right in front of her.

"Anyone else can try except for you. Leave now or I'm calling the security guard!"

The other two salespeople went up and wondered where this woman was from and why was shenot leaving.

Ning Xi scoffed at them, "Get me your boss."


"What's wrong with you? Who do you think you are?"

"Are you here to look for trouble?"

"Knowing my boss' identity? Who do you think you are to see her?"

One of the salesgirls went out and called the security guard.

"Guard, she came in and looked for trouble. Please get her out!" The tall salesperson glared at Ning Xi as she saw the security guard entered.

"What's the fuss? What happened?"

Before the security guard could say anything, a middle-aged woman came in.

"Manager Gu Yue, why are you here this late?"

The salespeople went up to the middle-aged woman as she walked in.

"Manager Gu, this random woman stayed in our store for a long time. She just asked for prices and didn't buy anything. I'm suspecting that she might want to steal our clothes. Didn't we lose a few before?"

"Right, the whole mall has been having a volume of thefts recently, from branded shoes to bags. They were all stolen when no one noticed."

The manager looked at Ning Xi impatiently, but when she saw her, she felt that she looked familiar.

"Are you...from the main branch?"

The manager tried to remember. Some time ago, she had gone to the main branch with her boss to do some paperwork and she was sure that she had seen this woman there before.

"The main branch?!"

"Spirit's main branch?"

The salespeople were surprised. Why would a person from the main branch be at their store?

"Maybe she wants to buy something from our store because she heard about the discounts," said one of the girls.

"Main branch? So what if she's from the main branch? We might even be more well-off than her. Look at how poorly she's dressed. She still can't afford things from our store even when it's discounted!" The tall sales guide said.

Ning Xi had no more tolerance for people like her anymore. She looked at the store manager and then called Lu Xinyan.

"My big boss, it's very late already. Can we talk about this tomorrow?" Lu Xinyan sounded like she was sleeping.

"Come to your store, right now. If I don't see you in ten minutes, you can close your store tomorrow."

Ning Xi did not give Lu Xinyan any chance to talk and ended the call immediately.

The manager and the few sales guides were dumbfounded. They did not know that Ning Xi was talking to Lu Xinyan just now.

Lu Xinyan acted quickly this time and actually arrived her store within ten minutes.

The store manager and the salespeople went up to greet their boss who had suddenly appeared.

"What's so urgent that you need me here right now? What happened? Can't we talk about this on the phone?" Lu Xinyan complained unhappily while looking at Ning Xi.

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