Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1082

The store personnel were totally stunned when they heard what Lu Xinyan said.

Their boss actually knew this woman?

"Lu Xinyan, these people in your store...where did you find them? Didn't the main branch assign some professional salespeople to you?" Ning Xi glanced at the sales guides and the manager.

"I hired them! It's my own shop, so of course, I'm going to recruit the people myself. Only then will it be counted as my own effort!" Lu Xinyan looked proudly at Ning Xi.

Ning Xi almost passed out hearing the girl's logic. She took a deep breath. "Change them! All of them! I'll pick out personnel from the main branch for you. Just follow the protocol!"

Ning Xi's tone was ferocious and she did not give any chance for Lu Xinyan to say anything.

"Fine, fine...you're the boss. I'll do whatever you say...but what happened?"

Lu Xinyan frowned a little, she could sort of guess what had happened. Ning Xi must have noticed some issues when she arrived in the store. Otherwise, she would not be this angry.

Anyway, Lu Xinyan felt immensely guilty. Although her financial report seemed to be earning a lot on the surface, she was losing money. A lot of money

"Big boss?!"

"Boss from the main branch?!"

The few sales guides could not believe it. This woman was the founder of Spirit?! They freaked out, never imagining that the boss would suddenly appear in the store.

The store manager had only felt like she had seen Ning Xi before, but she had not known that Ning Xi was the founder of Spirit.

Ning Xi's voice softened as Lu Xinyan's attitude was gentle and she had toned down. "Also, cancel all your promotions. Go and look for Director Qiao tomorrow. Learnhow to run a franchise from her!"

"Huh? Cancel? I came up with these campaigns with all my wits!" Lu Xinyan sounded dejected.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "My dear, you used up all your wits just to lose money like this?!"

Lu Xinyan's expression froze. "Y-you found out"

Oh, no! Her cover was blown!

"In three days, I want to see you strictly following the plan and our protocol! If not, you'll bear the consequences!" Ning Xi left the store without even looking back at the workers.

They were all shocked when they saw Ning Xi's attitude towards Lu Xinyan.

Lu Xinyan was Lu Tingxiao's cousin! Yet, Ning Xi had yelled at her!

Who exactly was this woman?

"What happened?!" Lu Xinyan asked angrily while glaring at her people after Ning Xi left.

"Boss...I-I don't know anything! Big boss was already angry when I came back. It must be them!" The store manager pushed the responsibility away completely.

One of the salesgirls told the truth.

After she heard everything, Lu Xinyan immediately fired everyone, including the manager.

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