Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1083

Ning Xi had a headache after she left Lu Xinyans store. She felt really helpless.

Six franchise stores but only Lu Xinyans shop was doing so badly. With a manager and salespeople of that standard, plus an amateur owner, the store would definitely close down sooner or later. It was a good thing that Ning Xi found out about it early


As Ning Xi was deep in thought,a personsuddenly flashed by and collided with her, making her almost fall.

"Im sorry, lady, are you alright?" The person stopped and held Ning Xi to avoid her from falling down.

Ning Xi shook her head. "Im okay."

"Ah...lady, you seem pretty agile. Have you learnt martial arts before?" The man looked at her with perked interest.

Ning Xi could not help but roll her eyes. Just where was he from, calling her "lady" like an ancient, old man?

"Haha, Im glad that youre alright. I have to flee." The man smiled and looked back, his smile growing wider.


Ning Xi tilted her head and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

Before Ning Xi could say anything, numerous running footsteps came from the back. About a dozen people were running towards their direction.

"Are...they your enemies?"

Ning Xi was taken aback. Who exactly was he to be chased by a dozen of people in the middle of the night?

"Haha!" The man laughed, "I dont know them, but I saw that they fought pretty well against each other. They couldnt decide the winner after quite some time, so I beat them up instead. Who knew they'd have guns? Haha, no matter how good I am, I cant be faster than bullets!"

"Oh...how are you not dead by now then?"

Ning Xi was impressed by the mans shameless attitude. He had offended some people and was chased by a dozen of them, yet he was still acting tough.

And people were fighting on their own, so why did he involve himself? Was he asking for trouble?

"Farewell, milady, I have to go!"

As the man was about to flee, Ning Xi held him back.

"Follow me."

Ning Xi dragged the man and forced him under a SUV.

"You...what are you doing?"

The man was taken aback by her action.

Ning Xi looked at him smilingly. "Luck is in your favor. I like your adventurous attitude!"

And...everything she was interested in

This man had just so happened to possess them all.

Ning Xi stopped talking to him. She stood in front of the car and blocked the man from the sight of his pursuers. A short while, the dozen of people reached her.

"First...First Senior Brother?!"

Ning Xi's eyes flew wide open when she saw a familiar face framed by a pair of glasses.

The man at the front was Tang Ye! The more outrageous fact was not only that Tang Ye was there, Tang Lang was also beside him!

How had they ended up together?

"Little Junior Sister, why are you here?" Tang Lang asked while panting.

"Second Senior Brother? Im about to ask you guys! What are you guys doing? Why are you with First Brother Senior?"

Ning Xi was stunned.

Could the man under the car be hunted by Tang Ye and Tang Lang?

Really? Who exactly was that man who was able to make Tang Ye and Tang Lang cooperate?

Ugh...wait... Just now, that man mentioned that he saw two people were fighting and that he beat them up because they could not decide the winner after a long time. Could the people he was talking about be First Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother?

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