Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1084

"Little Junior Sister, did you see a madman pass by?" Tang Yes cold eyes looked questioningly at Ning Xi from behind his glasses.

Ning Xi was not stupid. The madman Tang Ye was referring to must be the same one under the car.

After a difficult moment of internal struggle, Ning Xi nodded.


Tang Ye and Tang Lang suddenly became alert as they focused on Ning Xi.

"Right here." Ning Xi inclined her head towards Tang Lang and Tang Ye.

"Where?" Tang Ye swung around.

"Here, two madmen, right in front of me!" Ning Xi looked seriously at them.

"You cheeky little brat! Were asking you about something serious!" Tang Lang exclaimed.

"Go back early tonight. Its not safe here," Tang Ye said expressionlessly.

She became more and more curious. Just who was the man under the car and how did he get on First Senior Brother be aware of him?

"Second Senior Brother, what happened?" Ning Xi asked.

"Just now, I was playing around lovingly with your First Senior Brother when suddenly, a madman butted in and said he wanted to give us advice. He even fought with the both of us!"

Tang Lang was really annoyed. What the heck was "playing around lovingly"?

Ning Xis expression darkened. "Then...the both of you lost?"

Was she really looking at Tang Lang and Tang Ye?

Ning Xi was shocked. Tang Ye losing? Tang Lang also losing? Tang Ye and Tang Lang had both...lost?

Tang Lang seemed a little awkward. He slapped Ning Xis head lightly. "Nonsense! Your First Senior Brother lost, I didnt!"

"I understand...but, why do you need so many people for?" Ning Xi looked at the dozen people behind him.

If he could really win, why did he need the people behind him?

"They...they're here for us to find him easily. Anyway, I have no time to stay and chat anymore!" Tang Lang realized that this girl was up to no good.

"Lets go." Tang Lang turned around and left as they had lost the guy. He did not even bother glancing at Tang Lang.

"Hey! Where are you going? Were not done yet! Give me back my card!" Tang Lang yelled at him.

"My dear Second Senior Brother, if you dont put in more effort, First Senior Brother probably wont look for you again because it seems like something more interesting has just popped up!"

Tang Lang was reminded of that madman and his expression turned broody. "Go away! I can finish him instantly with just a little bit more training!"

After Tang Ye and Tang Lang left, Ning Xis curiosity was killing her. Who exactly was the man under the car?

Ning Xi was well aware of the abilities of Tang Ye and Tang Lang. Wth the both of them together, how could they have possibly lost to the madman?

As Ning Xi was thinking about it, a powerful palm casually tapped her shoulder.

Ning Xi was surprised by the sudden contact and she swiftly swiveled a kick behind her.

What was surprising was that her instinctive kick missed! A dark shadow moved through the air at an inhumane speed.

If Ning Xi was in a forest, she would have surely assumed that it was a beast.

"Lady, youre really well trained!"

The man had easily dodged her attack and suddenly stood right in front of her.

Ning Xi instinctively backed away. This man is extremely dangerous. Extremely!

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