Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1086

"Two hamburgers and two milk teas, please."

Treating your life savior to a meal in KFC... Bro, youre really creative!

After he paid, Han Xiao really brought over two hamburgers...and two cups of milk teas.

Han Xiao smiled as he saw Ning Xis odd expression. "Don't eat so much at night or youll get fat."

Ning Xi did not bother to reply.

It was dim earlier but now, Ning Xi could see Han Xiaos face clearly.He had long,dark hair that fell to his waist, the tendrilsfalling messily like intersecting streams of waterfalls.

His brown eyes were filled with a mysterious spiritual aura and were as clear as crystal. They peeked out from under his long eyelashes, making him look very pretty.

Ning Xis heart got caught in her chest for a moment. She swore that she had never met any man...so beautiful!

This Han Xiao had nothing to do with being cool; there was only one word to describe him: beautiful.

If Han Xiao had not opened his mouth to speak, she would never have known that he was a man.

Ning Xi started to doubt herself. Maybe, Han Xiaos voice was just a little too masculine and he was actually a real woman

Ning Xi kept staring at him while wondering if he was actually a man or woman.

Han Xiao stood up a short while later and said,"Lady Ning, thank you for your help tonight although you were just a busybody"

"I shouldve just give you to them," Ning Xi replied.

"This is my contact. Lady Ning, if you have any problems, do give me a call. I just feel that...a hamburger and some milk tea dont seem enough to repay you."

Han Xiao snatched Ning Xis phone away and punched in his contact number to save, then he returned the phone back to Ning Xi.

Before Ning Xi could say anything, Han Xiao turned around and disappeared.

"First Senior Brother and Second Senior brother arent wrong... Han Xiao really is a madman!"

Ning Xi felt her brain go haywire after talking to him. She would never want to meet him again!

At night, after she returned to her villa, Ning Xi soon forgot about it.As she was about to shower, she received a phone call from her grandfather.

"Mmm, Im alright. Little Treasures doing well too... I know, Ill go over tomorrow!"

The elder had called her to inform her that he was going to write his will tomorrow and told her that she had to come.

Ning Xi was not surprised. As expected, Ning Yaohua had approached her the other day about this matter.

After her shower, Ning Xi went to bed early.She heard that even the long-lost Aunt Ning Qiutong had come back as well

There would probably be a storm tomorrow...

The next morning,Ning Xi wore the same floral dress she wore at the cooking show. She took her bag and drove towards the Ning residence.

"Miss Xi, welcome! Elder Master said to inform you to meet him in the study room when youve arrived!"

It could be the BMW she drove today, or because they knew that the elder, who always had a soft spot for her, was making his will that they thought they might get some sort of advantage from her. The servants had never once called her "Miss Xi".

Ning Xi nodded,then went upstairs.

After she had left, she did not have to even bother guessing the kind of things these people said about her behind her back

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