Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1088

Ning Xi's laughter tinkled lightly. "Thats great then. Ill get more for you after you've finished it!"

"Xiao Xi, which old traditional Chinese medicine doctor did you go to? He really mustbe the real deal! Ive gone to a few before. All the prescriptions they gave tasted horrible and were all very useless. Those that were useful have severe side effects!" The elder complained.

"Its a friend of mine. He's not that old but he has really good medical knowledge," Ning Xi replied.

After Annies visit the last time, they texted each other from time to time, so in one of these conversations, Ning Xi had just asked her casually about how to treat her grandfather's condition. Annie had replied with a very detailed prescription, soshe went to a traditional Chinese herb store and bought whatever she needed according to the prescription. To her surprise, it worked very well.

She had to find a time to thank Annie properly...

"You actually dared to trust a young doctors prescription? What if any problems arose?" Ning Yaobang mumbled.

Ning Yaohua interrupted him, "Didnt Father say it was effective? Stop your nonsense!"

Ning Yaohua then switched to a gentler attitude and spoke to Ning Xi, "Thank you so much,Xiao Xi!"

It was a sensitive period right now. No matter how unhappy he was towards Ning Xi, he had to get Ning Xi on his side right now.

Zhuang Lingyu was about to say something but was stopped by Ning Yaohua. "Xiao Xi, take a seat!"

As she observed Ning Yaohuas attitude towards Ning Xi, Ning Xueluo could not do anything but to suppress her emotions inside.

What was important now was to get the shares from Ning Xi.

"Sister, come over here!" Ning Xueluo dragged her to her seat where Zhuang Lingyu was on her left and Su Yan was on her right. When Su Yan saw Ning Xueluo trying to drag her over, he moved over a space, so Ning Xi nowsat in between Ning Xueluo and Su Yan.

After Ning Xi sat down, Su Yan did not feel at ease and moved away slightly further. However, his effort was futile as the girls natural sweet scent invaded his nostrils everytime he breathed, seeping right into his heart.

He did not remember the last time he was this close to her

He also did not understand why he was feeling so uncomfortable when they were just sitting next to each other.

The girl was talking to Ning Xueluo at the moment. He glanced at the girls butterfly-like eyelashes, her soft lips, and her exquisite collarbone

He must be crazy! His fiancee was right here, yet he was attracted to another woman and this woman was one whom he treated like his little sister

Ever since he realized his feelings for Ning Xi were unusual, he had stopped himself from seeing Ning Xi. For a period of time, he did forget about her. Unfortunately, now, the moment they were reunited again, the burst of his long-suppressed feelings was hardly controllable

Su Yan! Wake up!

The man took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

"Sis, this outfit looks really good on you!" Ning Xueluo sounded impressed.

She touched the fabric, and said, "Sis isnt this the latest product from Spirit this season? I saw you wore this on the cooking show last time. Many people have asked me about the brand. I heard that this particular design is sold out!"

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