Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1094

Ning Qiutong sneered, "Hah, I don't know anything? I wonder who's being blind. Let me advise you to clearly seethe kind of thing that's sitting beside you every day! Don't wait till you get bitten to death. You're attracting that wolf to your home and you still aren't aware!"

"Ning Qiutong! I'll tear your mouth apart! I raised my daughter myself. You have no say about the kind of person she is!" Zhuang Lingyu was so agitated that she wanted to walk over but Ning Yaohua held her back.

"Hahaha...I think Qiutong is quite right! I've told you, Sister-in-law, you two treat this outsider like a gem. Your IQ and logic are a little hard for me to comprehend!" Ning Yaobang was enjoying the good show.

"Shut up, Ning Yaobang! I think you're just envious!" Ning Yaohua roared back.

The two sides started to quarrel and the situation was chaotic...

The old man massaged his temples and did not have the energy to care about their arguments. He just allowed the lawyer to help him up to walk out of the room...

At the same time, in the Ning family's courtyard, Ning Xueluo had run straight to the woods and was crying loudly in sorrow as she leaned on a tree.

Su Yan stood behind her and carefully pulled her into his embrace. "Don't be sad. Aunty Qiutong's words are a little harsh, but that's just her personality, don't take it to heart..."

"How can I not take it to heart!? She made me sound utterly horrible as if I robbed everything from Ning Xi! I'm also my mother's daughter! I've been in the Ning family since I was born and have been Ning Xueluo for 18 years. When you suddenly tell me that everything I have isn't mine and that my parents aren't really my parents, does she really think I felt good about it?

"Why did she say I robbed Ning Xi!? Wasn't it she that suddenly appeared to rob me of everything? Grandfather repeatedly said that I'm his granddaughter too, yet he treats me like this. Maybe he did not treat me as a part of the Ning family at all!" Ning Xueluo was incredibly emotional as she blurted all of this out.

As Su Yan listened to Ning Xueluo's words, he was suddenly tongue-tied.

Had Ning Xueluo had cried to him about this before, he would have definitely supported her unconditionally and be on her side.

However, now...perhaps it was because he was not sure about his feelings towards Ning Xi...or it could be the things Ning Qiutong had said earlier...

He suddenly felt like Ning Qiutong was not wrong...

All of this should have belonged to Ning Xi!

Ning Xi was born to be the lady of the Ning family, yet because of a confusion, their lives had been switched...

Ning Xueluo did not know what Su Yan was thinking about at the moment. She was weeping in his embrace, "Bro Yan...what to do? What should I do? How can they treat me like this?"

Su Yan patted Ning Xueluo's shoulder and said gently, "Xueluo, didn't you say it before? You don't even want everything from the Ning family. We can rely on ourselves and you're already doing excellently right now, so why should you care about these mere worldly possessions?"

"That's not the same! Why should I let go of the things that should be mine?!" Ning Xueluo yelled out in the moment of agitation.

When he heard this, Su Yan's expression instantly changed into disapproval. "Xueluo, how can you say that? That should be Ning Xi's...or did you really want to fight for the Ning family's inheritance?"

Ning Xueluo almost exploded at the first half of the sentence but she was instantly clear-headed when Su Yan finished his sentence!

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