Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1096

There was no sleepiness in her eyes. In fact, it was full of darkness and hatred.

How could she fall asleep in such a situation!?

Ning Yaohua currently had 15% of the shares, while Ning Yaobang had 16% of shares, and Ning Qiutong had 10% of shares.

So, the key was Ning Xi.

Whoever she used that 10% of shares of hers to support, that person would be the largest shareholder of the company and they would have the most potential to fight for the rights to inherit the entire company!

This time, Ning Yaohua and Ning Yaobang would definitely go crazy trying to snatch away the shares in Ning Xi's hand.

While she had not gotten any of the shares, she had no say in this at all. Even if she risked her life to get all the loose shares in the market, she could only get 2% back at most which would not do much.

There was no doubt that Ning Qiutong was a hard woman to handle, so there was no way they could get the shares from her. The key was those shares in Ning Xi's hand!

She obviously hoped that Ning Yaohua could get Ning Xi's shares and acquire the company.

However, if Ning Yaohua bargained anything with Ning Xi for that 10%, such as let her come home or even publicly announce her identity, everything would be over for Ning Xueluo!

This matter was a top priority. She needed to have a strong backbone to let Ning Yaohua forget about the idea of announcing Ning Xi's true identity!

Ning Xueluo immediately thought of the Zhuang family!

However, she had accidentally overheard Zhuang Lingyu arguing with Ning Yaohua at Zhuang Lingyu's original home. Zhuang Lingyu forbade Ning Yaohua to have any contact with the Zhuang family. In fact, she was very firm about this.

That was why she had not dared to claim any connections with the Zhuang family, but now she could not care anymore. She had to take this opportunity!

She also had a way to handle Zhuang Lingyu.

Besides, Zhuang Keer had already been gone over to Ning Xi's side in advance, so she had to hasten her plan!

However, a lady like Zhuang Keer would be hard to curry favor from. From what happened before this, Ning Xi and Zhuang Keer seemed quite close and she was not sure if Ning Xi had said anything bad about her already...

When she thought of this, Ning Xueluo narrowed her eyes with hatred.

If it was not for Ning Xi ruining things the last time, she could have given the outfits to Zhuang Keer who would have worn History's dresses at the international banquet. That way, she would have been connected to Zhuang Keer and hugely promote her company.

In the end, everything had been ruined by Ning Xi!

Now that she had lost the key opportunity, she might need to use some special methods to get acquainted with Zhuang Keer...

As Ning Xueluo thought about this, she took out a key and used it to open a safe. She took out a handphone from the safe, charged it, then made a call, "Hello, it's me! Do me a favor!"

"Who is it again this time?" A raspy voice came from the other end.

"Zhuang Rongguang," Ning Xueluo said a name.

"Zhuang Liaoyuan's son?" The voice on the other end said in a low voice.

"Yes, it's Zhuang Liaoyuan's son!"

"Huh, little girl, you're getting braver, aren't you?" The voice from the other end sinisterly answered.

Ning Xueluo replied indistinctly, "Don't worry, I just want you to frighten him a little. I'm not asking you to actually do anything to him. When it happens, just do as I say. But you must wait for a suitable opportunity and do it cleanly! I can wait...but don't make me wait too long..."

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