Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1097

At Peachwood, when she returned home, Ning Xi was still thinking about the events from the day when her doorbell rang.

"Steamed bun, help me see who's here," Ning Xi said.

"Yes, my beloved Master!" The robot's face revealed a small screen which showed the image from the security monitor at the door. It was Lu Tingxiao.

When Ning Xi saw it was Lu Tingxiao, she immediately got up to open the door. "Big Boss! It's so late. Why're you here?"

"I'm worried about you."

"Come in! Steamed bun, serve some water, please!"

"Yes, my beautiful Master!" The robot immediately rolled off to get a cup of water.

Ning Xi took the water from the serving tray and gave it to Lu Tingxiao before sitting down beside him on the sofa.

Lu Tingxiao took the cup and asked, "How did it go today? Did those people trouble you?"

"With Grandfather, no one dares to trouble me. In fact, something that happened today surprised me. You know my aunt, don't you? Ning Qiutong! She came back this time!"

"I've heard of her, she's someone alright. What happened?"

"This time, when the will was being announced, I almost got into an argument but she helped to defend me!"

"An argument?"

Ning Xi nodded. "Yeah! Grandfather gave Ning Xueluo a lot of estates and trust funds. He said it was her dowry but he didn't give her any shares. At that moment, Zhuang Lingyu immediately raised her doubt and voiced that Grandfather was not fair with the distribution. Then, Ning Qiutong got up and defended me a lot. She was basically saying that Xueluo did not have any right to inherit the Ning family's shares. Ning Qiutong is quite amazing. Xueluo lost control of her emotions on the spot and ran out!"

Lu Tingxiao long fingers tapped the glass lightly and analyzed, "Your grandfather's distribution of shares for you guys should be...15% for Ning Yaohua, 10% for Ning Qiutong, 6% for Ning Yaobang, 10% for Ning Tianxin, and you get 10% too?"

Ning Xi widened her eyes at his guess. "Whoa! Lu Tingxiao, how do you know this so clearly? You couldn't have bribed the lawyer too, could you?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her casually. "Your man would obviously have such basic analytical skills."

Ning Xi instantly broke out in a sweat. "Cough, cough...okay! You're amazing! Whatever it is, your analysis is right. Grandfather distributed it like that!"

"It's currently the best way to divide the shares. It's good check and balance for everyone."

"But it's quite frustrating too. Ning Yaohua and Ning Yaobang will definitely start to disturb me!" Ning Xi sighed.

"Do you want Ning International?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her and suddenly asked.

"Uhh..." Why was the devil's tone so suspenseful? It was as if he was asking with the same nonchalance as asking her, "Do you want to drink water? If you do, I'll go pour a cup for you".

Ning Xi thought about it, then said, "To be honest, I don't."

Based on her current situation and energy, she did not care for it that much.

"But, of course, I definitely won't let the company fall into Xueluo's hands!"

Thus, she was still struggling with this issue...

It was a good thing that with the current situation, it was still a stalemate, so she still had a sufficient amount of time.

"Then, I suggest that you temporarily pass your 10% of shares to Ning Qiutong," suggested Lu Tingxiao.

"Transfer them to Ning Qiutong?" Ning Xi thought about it, then her eyes lit up.

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