Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1100

Mo Lingtian hung his arm over Lu Tingxiao shoulders and could not help but started listing, "Two-faced fox, cute little bunny, shooting expert, adorable maid, warrior, daughter of nobility...hey! How many faces does your little bunny have? I finally know why you're so charmed by this woman. She becomes a different person every time she dresses up. Do you feel like you're changing girlfriends every day?"

Lu Tingxiao responded, "I like her no matter how she looks."

Mo Lingtian's joke suddenly became an emotional moment when Lu Tingxiao said that.

Mo Lingtian felt like he had just been shot with an arrow to his chest. "Bro, I noticed that after you started dating, you've practically become a love guru! I would never have known before this! I thought you had low EQ! Speaking of which, the strategy you gave me earlier was too general, can't you teach me a few more tricks in detail compared to that cringy affectionate words you just uttered?"

"How's Ziyao?" Lu Tingxiao suddenly asked.

Mo Lingtian sighed, "You've already made it so clear the last time. Based on Ziyao's personality, she definitely will give up, I guess. She's not the kind of woman who would cling on and pester."

Mo Lingtian chatted with Lu Tingxiao for a while more, then greeted Ning Xi before entertaining other guests.

In the end, many people at the banquet asked him about Ning Xi, even his old man was looking at her.

"Lingtian, is that girl your friend?" Mo Jianzhang asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I didn't think that you'd have this kind of friend!" Mo Jianzhang looked at his son lamentably.

"Huh? Father, how can you talk about your own son like this?!"

"When are you going to progress and make her your girlfriend?" Mo Jianzhang suddenly asked.

Mo Lingtian spat his drink into his glass and started coughing furiously. He was almost startled to death by his father's words. "Father! Don't scare me!"

Mo Jianzhang frowned at him. "Don't make a fuss about nothing. How did I scare you? The old saying goes that you can see one's values through their looks. I can see that this girl is not bad. She's composed and well-mannered. Since the two of you are friends and were chatting happily earlier, why can't you just take it further? You're about to reach your thirties. Even Lu Tingxiao has a girlfriend, so how much longer do you plan to fool around?"

Mo Lingtian looked like he would rather die. "Father... I have something to say! Today is your birthday. Can't you just talk about something happier?"

"Then, can you do something that can make me happier? Which family is that girl from? If you're not going to say anything, I can help you propose a marriage! If you get married this year, she should be able to give birth to a bouncy little baby by next year!" Mo Jianzhang was obviously fixated on the thought of having grandchildren.

"Father! My dear father! Don't joke around anymore! She is Lu Tingxiao's other half!" Mo Lingtian finally could not hold it in any longer and blurtedout.

Mo Jianzhang was stunned. "What? That's...that's Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend?"

Mo Lingtian pinched the space between his brows. "Yes! So, can I please ask you to stop right there?! Besides, I already have someone in my heart!"

Mo Jianzhang scoffed, "Huh, the person in your heart has high standards. Would she ever like you?"

"Father, am I actually your child?! She has high standards but I'm not that shabby, okay?" He had already been working hard recently to court his love interest.

Mo Jianzhang looked at Ning Xi's direction and sighed with regret, "You useless thing! You don't even have a girlfriend till now!"

Mo Lingtian was speechless.

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