Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1101


He would not have been treated this badly if Lu Tingxiao had not gotten a girlfriend so soon.

He still had a friend in him before and could still use Lu Tingxiao as his shield! But not anymore!

He really had to speed up his game to get closer to Ziyao

As he was about to go and look for Guan Ziyao, a guy suddenly dragged him aside and asked excitedly, "Master Mok, is that girl in the corner your friend? Whats her name? Where's she from?"

"What do you want?" Mo Lingtian glanced at him suspiciously.

This guy was an infamous Casanova in Imperial and changed girlfriends as often as he changed his clothes. Worst of all, he loved to mess with other peoples girlfriends.

Wang Shengzhe raised his eyebrows. "Of course, Im interested! You know I like that type of chick!"

Mo Lingtian sipped some wine to contain his annoyance. "You dont have to know who she is. All I'll say is dont mess with trouble."

Wang Shengzhe exclaimed, "Hey, dont jinx me! Its normal for a guy to be attracted to such a beautiful lady!"

Mo Lingtian said without any expression, "Shes taken."

"So what? Theres no girl in Imperial that I wouldn't dare to flirt with!" Wang Shengzhe then courageously walked towards Ning Xis direction.

Somewhere nearby, Guan Ziyao was talking to Lu Tingxiao. She wore a black Chanel gown in her usual simple and elegant style, but her expression looked tired.

Guan Ziyao looked at the man in front of her and spoke slowly, "Tingxiao, Im sorry for what happened last time. I lost control of my emotions.I shouldve said something before I left.

"I understand what youre trying to say. Youre the most compatible man Ive ever met and I once thought that we could spend the rest of our lives together. But there is still a long way to go and too many things are simply unpredictable... Its regrettable but Irespect your decision."

Guan Ziyao then smiled with poise. "So, were still friends right?"

Without a doubt, this was the best way for her to move forward right now. She had forced herself not to look for him during this period of time. She thought that if she stepped back, Lu Tingxiao would not reject her this time.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at her, then said with his usual cold expression, "Im sorry, to avoid any further misunderstandings with my girlfriend, we really shouldnt contact each other anymore."

Guan Ziyaos face froze. She did not expect Lu Tingxiaos reply. His words had completely disregarded her!

Guan Ziyao looked hurt andher voice trembled, "Tingxiao...weve known each other for about 20 years, I understand that you have someone you love, but I already declared that I will leave you. Are you going to give up our friendshipfor a woman you haven't known for very long?"

"Shes not just a woman I haven't known for long. Shes my future wife." Lu Tingxiao then coldly looked at her with a warning glare and Guan Ziyao felt a chill run down her spine

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