Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1103

The girls outfit was quite reserved as the dress was longer than her knee and the collar was high around her neck as well, but she was emitting an aura that made him excited.

What a real hottie!

Wang Shengzhe decided that he had to get this girl for himself, entirely forgetting Mo Lingtians warning to him.

"Oh, I dont know your name yet. How should I address you? My surnames Wang, Im Wang Shengzhe," Wang Shengzhe asked as he inched closer toNing Xi.

Wang Shengzhe thought his flirting skills were top-notch, but Ning Xi rolled her eyes so hard that she could practically see her brain.

What was this!? He was the best flirt in Imperial?

With this sort of standard?

"I" She looked at the devil who was slowly ambling towards her.

After a long, happy chat with his childhood friend, finally , he was coming over!

Wang Shengzhe was really attracted to how Ning Xi gazed in a different direction when speaking to him. How seductive!

At the same time, Ning Xi smiled and answered Wang Shengzhe, "I go by the surname Ning now, but its going to be Lu in the future."

Lu Tingxiao had an aggressive expression on his face but after he heard her, his eyes turned gentle.


What a great reply! As expected of his wife!

"Oh? Which Lu?" Wang Shengzhe asked.

"Lu Tingxiao," Ning Xi replied.

Ning Xi was staring at Lu Tingxiao for quite some time. Wang Shengzhe understood her and grinned coldly. "Heh, Miss Ning, youre really greedy, arent you?"

"Why not? Ive decided that Ill not marry anyone apart from Lu Tingxiao!"

Wang Shengzhe almost laughed out loud. "Every girl in Imperial wants to become Mrs. Lu. Do you think you can really do it? Why don't you...have a more realistic goal?"

As he spoke, he tried to extend his hand towards Ning Xi

Suddenly, Lu Tingxiao came in between the two of them.

"Hey! CEO Lu, you" Wang Shengzhe was a little surprised as he thought that Lu Tingxiao was here to talk to him.

However, the man did not even look at him, he focused on the girl opposite him with a gentle gaze and a doting tone, "Well go back together later."

Ning Xi nodded with a big smile. "Okay!"

This short conversation was impactful enough to give Wang Shengzhe a good fright.

This...the both of them...what was happening?

Could it be?

"Well...CEO Lu, you...I" As Wang Shengzhe realized what their relationship was, his soul almost left him. He just stared at the man blindly.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at him murderously, then left without saying a word.

Although it was just a short glance, Wang Shengzhe felt like he had experienced a brief moment of death

After Lu Tingxiao left, Wang Shengzhe looked at Ning Xi. "Y-you...and Lu Tingxiao"

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