Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1104

Ning Xi smiled coyly. "Its exactly as you think it is."

Wang Shengzhe was speechless.

Wang Zhengzhe quickly went to Mo Lingtian. "Damn you, Mo Lingtian! Why didnt you tell me that that girl is Lu Tingxiaos woman?"

"Didnt I tell you earlier?" Mo Lingtian saw that the man was panting and sweating like he had been chased by a beast.

"When?!" Wang Shengzhe almost broke down.

"I told you to not mess with trouble. Think! Just how many people could give you trouble in Imperial? You'd know after some careful deduction," said Mo Lingtian as a matter-of-factly.

Wang Shengzhe freaked out. "Oh no! What should I do?! I actually flirted with Lu Tingxiaos woman! Should I buy something for her as an apology? She seems to like Spirits clothes. Should I buy her a few?"

Mo Lingtian stared at him like he was an idiot. "That girl is the owner of Spirit!"

Wang Shengzhe was once again speechless.

From an outsider's point of view, they had seen Wang Shengzhe flirting with the girl and then, Lu Tingxiao walked over. As it was a corner, everyone could only see Lu Tingxiaos back as he blocked Ning Xi, so everyone thought Lu Tingxiao had said something to Wang Shengzhe. The supposed Casanova ran away like that corner of the room was haunted

What exactly did Lu Tingxiao say to him?

Still, there were also people who understood what had happened.

"Hahaha... Wang Shengzhe is really looking for trouble! He even flirted with Lu Tingxiaos woman!" Ling Fei roared.

Most people did not know what had happened because only a few people who were close to Lu Tingxiao knew the girls identity.

Zhao Haisheng held his wife close. "But you cant blame Wang Shengzhe. Who wouldve thought a girl here would turn out to be Lu Tingxiaos girlfriend!?"

"Speaking of which, do Lu Tingxiao and Miss Ning plan to keep their relationship hidden?" Ling Fei asked.

"I heard that because of Miss Nings career, they cant publicize their relationship!" Zhao Haisheng said.

Ling Fei looked at the girls direction. "I actually think this girl is pretty nice. If any other female celebrity were to hook up with Lu Tingxiao, she would surely announce it to the whole world. Do you know Su Yimo from Glory World Entertainment? Shes totally unrelated to Lu Tingxiao, but she always calls herself Mrs. Lu or Lu Tingxiaos true love... But in truth? Lu Tingxiao probably doesn't even know who she is!"

"Thats true! Although weve just met twice, shes pretty nice and quite special, always scaring us with her stunts, hahaha"

At a quiet corner in the garden, Guan Rui was holding a wine glass, looking absent-mindedly in the direction of the pond.

Guan Ziyao looked nervous. "Father...are you sure that this method...is really okay?"

Guan Rui sipped some wine. "There're a lot of government officials among the guests today. Theres even a personnel from the law department and Judge Liang is also here... If she killed someone here, even Lu Tingxiao can't help her! While he might be able to spare her from death, do you think a murderer could ever enter the Lu family?"

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