Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1105

Guan Ziyao frowned and looked at the woman in white talking to Ning Xi. "Theres no issue on Lirongs side? If she doesn't die"

"She will surely die!" Guan Ruis eyes flashed with the intention to kill.

If she did not die, he had already arranged for his own people to take care of it at the hospital. Nothing would go wrong.

It was her first time getting involved in matters related to a persons life. Guan Ziyaos fingers were shaking with nervousness but she quickly calmed down. She was just trying to stop the woman from continuing to fool Lu Tingxiao. What she was doing was not wrong

Her plans had failed so many times. There could not be any more accidents this time. Extreme situations require extreme measures.

This time, she would make sure there was no turning back for Ning Xi!

She forgot allabout her worries the moment she was reminded of Lu Tingxiaos coldness towards her.

Guan Rui patted his daughters shoulder firmly. "Go and prepare yourself! Its our turn to show up soon! Call your Uncle and Aunty Lu too! Let them see Ning Xi kill someone for themselves. Now, that would be interesting"

"Yes, Father!"

After Wang Shengzhe was terrified away by the devil, Ning Xi was finally alone. She picked up some fish food and was stood by the pond, tossing the pellets in.

A big school of red koi fish rushed over, fighting for the food.

Ning Xi suddenly thought of the glutton Lu Jingli, so she snapped a picture of the fishes and sent it to him.

As she was feeding the fishes happily, there was the sound of footsteps behind her suddenly.

Ning Xi thought that it was another guy trying to flirt with her. As she raised her head, she saw a strange and frail girl in a long, white dress.

The girl had makeup on but it could not hide her pale and weak state. Ning Xi analyzed her longer, wanting to ascertain that she did not know her. She was not sure why the girl was there, so she waited quietly to see what she wanted to do.

The girl looked at Ning Xi like she was trash and she smiled coldly. "So, youre Ning Xi? Your face is thicker than the Great Wall! A cheap girl like you trying to get into the Lu family?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows.

Although this girl looked weak, her mouth was anything but.

However, I'm sure that I don't know this girl... What's happening?

Something's wrong... It smells fishy...

As Ning Xi was guessing the girls intentions, the girl started uttering more and more ridiculous words, "Do you think you can hide the fact that youre just a village girl by dressing like a model? Youre just a low-life. Who do you think you are?! You motherless thing!"

With that last sentence, Ning Xi squinted her eyes and emitted a lethal aura.

The girl became more motivated when she saw Ning Xis reaction, so she kept on provoking her.

"Who doesnt know how complicated the entertainment industry is? Youre just another filthy slut! Stop acting innocent! You witch!"

The girl in the white dress did not expect Ning Xi to be able to suppress herself this well and not get angry at her yet. She then splashed the glass of red wine she was holding onto Ning Xi.

Ning Xis face and hair were all dripping with wine. Her clothes were all drenched as well. She looked like a mess and her eyes were filled with darkness

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