Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1106

The girl in white dress looked gleeful. Now, she would finally attack her!

The girl became more aggressive, pushing Ning Xi by her shoulders. "You witch! How dare you glare at me?!"

And yet

The girl did not expect what happened next. She had just lightly pushed Ning Xi but Ning Xis body was like a stray kite that weighed nothing. She fell into the pond!

How...how did this happen!?

It should be Ning Xi who pushed her into the pond! How did the roles get reversed!?

What made it worse was that the moment Ning Xi was "pushed" into the pond, Guan Ziyao came over while clinging onto Yan Ruyis arm. Lu Chongshan and Mo Lingtians parents were together with them as well, chatting as they strolled over.

At the exact same moment, Ning Xi fell into the pond with a loud splash.

All of them saw it.

Some of the servants nearby saw someone falling into the water, so they yelled, "Argh! Someone fell into the water! Someone fell into the water!"

"A lady fell into the water!"

"Quickly save her!"

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were shocked.

What happened?!

The person who had fallen into the water just now looked like Ning Xi.

"Someone! Anyone good at swimming? Please save her!" Mo Jianzhang quickly pleaded for help.

Suddenly, someone jumped into the pond.

"Ah! CEO Lu went in!" A servant yelled, "Be careful, CEO Lu!"

"Tingxiao!" Yan Ruyis face turned pale.

Lu Chongshans expression changed slightly. "Dont worry, Tingxiao is a good swimmer!"

Mo Jianzhang did not expect something like this to happen. "This pond is pretty deep and there're some big rocks under the water. Its dangerous!"

"Ill go too!" Mo Lingtian was about to dive into the pond but a few servants stopped him. "Master, it's dangerous. The security guards are here!"

Guan Ziyao did not expect the person to fall into the pond notto be the arranged person, so she was dumbfounded. Guan Rui looked furious as well as he glared at the girl in white dress.

The girl was in shock. She trembled when she felt Guan Rui's dagger stare on her.

At the same time, under the pond, Lu Tingxiao felt a hand brush against his, so he quickly dragged the girl towards him.

As he was about to bring her up, the girl stopped him, tracing on his palm with her finger: [Cooperate with me]

Others might not know it but Lu Tingxiao was sure that with Ning Xis ability, a weak girl would never be able to push her into the pond and no one would pick this day to hurt Ning Xi.

There was only one possibility. Ning Xi had fallen into the pond herself.

Although he guessed it before he dove in, he was still shocked and had jumped into the pond to get her, afraid of any accidents that might happen.

Now, the girl had finally informed him about her stunt!

Lu Tingxiao angrily pinched the girls waist and her eyes flew wide open as if she was complaining, "Hey! I almost cant hold my breath in, no thanks to your pinch!"

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