Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1107

After she shot him a look and reciprocated by biting on Lu Tingxiao's lip, she continued to use her finger to write on his palm: [Pengci [1]]

Ning Xi did not understand the reason why that woman in the white dress had incessantly provoked her like a maniac at first. The moment she had splashed the glass of wine at her, she had almost retaliated physically.

Thankfully, she reacted at the key moment and decided to make a move first by turning the tables!

Pfft! You want to trick me with that bad acting of yours? I'll trick you right back!

Lu Tingxiao comprehended Ning Xi's thoughts. There were obviously many other ways to solve this problem but this girl had to always make it so...exciting.

This time, it had even happened right before his eyes. He did not know what to say anymore...

When he was opposite the pond, even though he had to continue entertaining all the guests that came up to him with small talk, he always left a sliver of his attention on Ning Xi.

Ning Xi was feeding the fishes at first, then a girl in a white dress started speaking to her with her back against him. Then, the next scene had happened before he could react...

Actually, Ning Xi knew that she could have moved away when she realized the other person's intentions, but that would be to their advantage. She really wanted to, at least, bite them back, so she did!

This was not over!

Just as Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi were being lovey-dovey down there, the people on the lakeshore had gone crazy.

"My God, my God! What to do?! Why hasn't Tingxiao come up yet!?"

"Don't worry! Security is here!"


Guan Ziyao was getting impatient at this point. She immediately shot a look at the woman in the white dress. If this woman was caught and had the gall to reveal her, they would be done for. Even if she did not, they would not be able to get themselves off the hook.

Because Cao Lirong was a distant relative of the Guans. She could only turn up for this banquet because she had especially asked Mo Lingtian for an extra invitation.

At first, she thought that this could give them a position to catch Ning Xi. Who would have known that it became such a huge issue that could be used against them instead!?

After the woman in the white dress received Guan Ziyao's stern look, she turned as white as a sheet and was thinking about sneaking off while everyone was still in chaos. However, just as she was prepared to sneak off, she was noticed and caught by Zhao Haisheng. "Hey, you! Where're you running away to?! How dare you run off after pushing someone over?!"

"I didn't! I didn't push her!" Cao Lirong shrieked.

Ling Fei caught her by the wrist too. "Everyone saw you. How dare you act dumb?!"

As she was denounced loudly by Zhao Haisheng and his wife, everyone else started to turn their attention to her too.

Mo Jianzhang immediately called for the crowd to hold the woman down and not let her escape.

Guan Ziyao had no choice but to force herself to say, "Uncle Mo, Cao Lirong is my sister. What happened earlier is a misunderstanding!"

Mo Jianzhang had seen for himself earlier that this girl had pushed the person in, so he looked solemn and said firmly, "No matter what happens, we must wait until the person is rescued before further discussion! This lady cannot leave yet!"

In a corner, an indistinct coldness flashed across Mo Lingtian's eyes when he saw Guan Ziyao's nervous expression.

The security team entered the water one after another and used their super strong flashlights to search for those who had gone into the water...

Right at that moment, Lu Tingxiao finally came up to the shore and in his arms, he carried Ning Xi who was heaving her last gasps.

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