Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1108

When Yan Ruyi saw the woman in Lu Tingxiao's arms, it was as she had predicted. It was really Ning Xi! No wonder her son had jumped in so quickly!

But why would Ning Xi and Guan Ziyao's relatives argue and have a fight to the point that the former was pushed into the water?

"Move!" Lu Tingxiao ordered the guests who blocked his way. With the girl in his embrace, he walked quickly towards the door...


An hour later, in one of Imperial's high-class private hospitals, which was under the Lu Corporation, to cooperate with his wife's performance, Lu Tingxiao had called up the hospital beforehand, so Ning Xi had been immediately wheeled into the emergency ward.

In the corridor, all the elders, Lu Chongshan, Yan Ruyi, Guan Rui, and Mo Jianzhang were present. Apart from that, Guan Ziyao and Mo Lingtian were there too.

On the bench in the corner sat the girl who had pushed Ning Xi over earlier, shivering coldly.

Not too far away, the sound of footsteps approached them. A few of the uniformed public security personnel walked over and greeted Mo Jianzhang, "Minister Mo!"

Mo Jianzhang quickly exchanged some polite greetings with them.

When Guan Rui saw that Mo Jianzhang had actually called the police over, he immediately looked serious. "Minister Mo, it's just a squabble between the youngones. Do we have to trouble our friends from the police station for such a petty quarrel?"

Guan Ziyao echoed, "Today is Uncle Mo's birthday. It might not look good to cause such a commotion. We can just privately resolve this matter. Later, I'll have Rong Rong apologize to Ning Xi!"

Guan Ziyao looked to Mo Lingtian for help. He seemed absent-minded since the incident but when he noticed Guan Ziyao's silent cry for help to say a few words to back her up, he frowned and looked at the red light of the emergency ward worriedly, not bothering to say anything in the end.

Lu Chongshan contemplated for a moment before saying, "Old Mo, let's not make this a huge matter. If the child is alright, we can just do this privately!"

Guan Rui immediately echoed after Lu Chongshan, "She's just a drowned rat and should be fine. This small matter really doesn't need such large forces."

He indirectly implied that Mo Jianzhang was blowing a small issue out of proportion.

Little did they realize that if the person lying in the emergency ward had been Cao Lirong as a result of being pushed over by Ning Xi, he would have caused an enormous ruckus and Ning Xi would not be able to get away. He had even planned to drag Cao Lirong's unreasonable relatives to come over for a fight...

When Mo Jianzhang heard his two friends' advice, he started to be swayed...

However, at that moment, the door of the emergency ward was suddenly pushed open and a nurse rushed out from inside. "Which one of you is the patient's family? The patient's heart has suddenly stopped. We need a signature for the notice of her critical condition!"

The moment the nurse called out for the signature, the entire corridor fell into a dead silence.

Guan Ziyao and Guan Rui looked at each other in horror. It had just been a case of near-drowning and Lu Tingxiao had immediately jumped in to save her. How could it be this severe!?

"I am." Lu Tingxiao, who had kept silent all the while, stood up to take the document from the nurse and sign his name.

Then, Lu Tingxiao's extremely chilly eyes swept across Guan Rui and Guan Ziyao. In a cool voice, he said, "Intentional murder! Does this look petty to you?"

When they saw that the acknowledgment document had been signed and the fact that this girl was Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend, Mo Jianzhang knew that he could not take this lightly, so he did not hesitate further and immediately told the policeman in front of him, "Xiao Chen, take her away."

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