Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1109

Then, one of them walked over and cuffed Cao Lirong's hands.

Cao Lirong immediately looked in alarm towards Guan Rui adn Guan Ziyao. "Ziyao, Uncle Guan! Save me...I didn't push her! She fell over herself! I really didn't push her!"

Nevertheless, the few people who were in the corridor, including Guan Ziyao and Guan Rui, had all seen her push Ning Xi in herself. How could they believe her words?

Yan Ruyi frowned unhappily. How could the Guan family have such an evil relative?

Even though she had not always been very fond of Ning Xi, she had not gone the point of wanting her to die. Now,the person who had pushed Ning Xi into the pond was someone from the Guan family, so she could not help but overthink with endless what-ifs.

Guan Rui had wanted to say more, but Mo Jianzhang immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, Bro Rui. This matter has seriously gone overboard. The victim's life is still hanging precariously and there were so many guests in my home earlier including important people from the government. To have such a thing happening under other people's watchful eyes, I must give everyone a proper explanation."

Guan Rui stood there stiffly. He could not even say anything else. These words should have been his, yet it had now become all the reasons for landing the blame on him...

"Uncle Guan, save me! Uncle Guan! I really didn't push her!" The girl in white dress screamed as she was taken away by the police.

Guan Rui stood in the same spot with a darkened expression. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was weird. What had happened? Their plan was clearly flawless. How did the person who fall into the water become Ning Xi in the end? Could it be that when Cao Lirong was executing the plan, she had missed and accidentally pushed her over? She could not achieve anything but had ruined things instead!

"Rong Rong has no hatred for Ning Xi. How could she have planned to murder her?! This doesn't even make sense!" Guan Ziyao quickly exclaimed.

"It really doesn't make sense, so she must have been instructed to do so by someone. I believe the police will find out the real culprit soon." With just that single sentence, Lu Tingxiao had immediately pointed the arrow at the Guans.

Guan Ziyao did not think that she would have fallen into the trap as all color was drained from her face.

If Cao Lirong had really ratted them out, it would all be over...

Even if their initial plan was not intentional murder but to frame Ning Xi, if they were found out, it would not make much of a difference...

The emergency ward light stayed on. In the corridor, everyone had different thoughts racing through their minds.

The phone in Lu Tingxiao's pocket vibrated. A message had been sent over: [Baby, to make it look real, you must act sadder! I'll teach you! Imagine how you'd feel if your wife died!]

When he read Ning Xi's message, Lu Tingxiao's face was immediately as black as the bottom of a pot. This girl! Why did she casually throw such words around?

Lu Tingxiao's acting was already not bad but with this message from Ning Xi, he looked even more terrible. The expression on his face was definitely not too far from having a dead wife...

Guan Ziyao had a glimmer of suspicion that something was amiss, but once she saw Lu Tingxiao's expression, she thought it was not quite possible.

They never would have thought that while they tried to frame Ning Xi, they had been tricked by her instead. In fact, Lu Tingxiao had cooperated with his performance from the start till the end to help her trap someone else...

Although this time, Ning Xi decided to screw them over all the way, she never would have thought that she did miss out on one crucial thing.

The elevator doors opened.

At the end of the corridor, someone was running towards the emergency ward. In their arms was a little bun.

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