Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1112

It has been quite a few months since Little Treasure had last spoken, and in this period of time, Little Treasure had not said a single word.

Even though she was anxious, she knew that she could not rush such things, so she had never forced the child to say anything. As time went on, she had long gotten used to communicating with Little Treasure using the writing board. So much so that most of the time, she could understand him just by Little Treasure's single glance. She did not even feel that Little Treasure was any different from other child...

However, when her ears had clearly heard Little Treasure call her "Mommy", it felt like her chest washit hard by something, making her breath get caught in her throat. Warmth flooded from her heart to every inch of her body. There was an indescribable, magical feeling...

She hugged the little bun tightly and actually felt that her intimacy with this child was as a matter of bones and blood as if they had never separated, that they were originally one...

"Miss Ning, CEO Lu asks...if you can go out now?" The nurse called out in a gentle voice at the door.

Even though Ning Xi wanted to stay with the little bun a while longer, she had to finish this show, so she quickly calmed herself down and replied, "Sure!"

Then, Ning Xi wiped away the little bun's tears as her eyes lit up and she said word by word, "Little Treasure, don't worry! I will definitely become your Mommy!"

The little bun nodded vigorously. The tears welled up in his eyes as he hugged his mother firmly...


A few minutes later, the red light above the ward dimmed and the door was pushed opened. Ning Xi was wheeled out by a few doctors as the little bun followed her beside the wheelchair with tear stains on his face.

Even though the little bun still looked pitiful, he seemed much better than earlier, so everyone guessed that Ning Xi was probably alright now.

Indeed, the doctor announced, "The patient is no longer in critical condition."

The moment he said that, everyone present breathed a huge sigh of relief!

"Indeed my Little Treasure is most useful!" Lu Jingli was very emotional.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan shared a look of relief too. When they had seen Little Treasure earlier, they were not sure what would happen to him if something had really happened to this woman! As much as they did not like her, they could not deny that Little Treasure really could not lose her.

Guan Ziyao's body trembled and there was darkness in her eyes. The situation had already reached this stage. It would actually be better if the woman had just died, yet she had not...

Not only that, Little Treasure's call for "Mommy" earlier had actually moved Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan...

The situation was getting increasingly worse...


In a secluded corridor of the hospital, Mo Lingtian looked like he was struggling. At last, he could not help but ask, "Ziyao, was what happened today purely an accident?"

Guan Ziyao was already distraught with anxiety. When she heard Mo Lingtian, she looked even more troubled. "Mo Lingtian, what are you trying to say? Under everyone's watchful eyes, I wouldn't be able to get off the hook if I did anything.And Cao Lirong is my distant relative too, so how could I have directed her to murder Ning Xi in broad daylight? Do you think I'm that stupid?"

Mo Lingtian knew that it was impossible for Guan Ziyao to do that, but he still felt that this situation was oddand too much of a coincidence.

"But we have seen the CCTV earlier. The entire thing started with Cao Lirong provoking Ning Xi first. All was okay before that. Why would she suddenly be so aggressive?" Mo Lingtian continued.

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