Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1115

Little Treasure just ignored him. He turned away, prepared to bring his loving bento to Mommy .

Lu Jingli scratched his head. "It doesn't work! But don't be too disappointed, you guys, maybe Sis-in-law has a way to make him speak again."

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan's eyes immediately lit up again when they heard this. Yan Ruyi quickly rushed, "Then, let's quickly visit Xiao Xi in the hospital!"

Lu Jingli's mouth twitched. Ahem, Xiao Xi?

This was his first time hearing his mother call Ning Xi so intimately...

Thus, the family of five rushed to the hospital to visit.

The private hospital's facilities were very luxurious. Ning Xi's ward was comparable to a presidential suite at a hotel with very warm and cozy interior decoration. It almost looked like she was here for a vacation and not for a hospital stay.

The moment they walked in, they saw that Ning Xi's face was pale with huge eyebags underneath her eyes.

Lu Tingxiao's expression changed when he saw Ning Xi like that because he could immediately tell whether she was faking it or not. He had already repeatedly reminded them to use the best for her stay. How did she turn this haggard in just one night?

"Little Treasure! You're here!" On the bed, Ning Xi, who was initially staring blankly at the ceiling, immediately sprung up when she saw her baby Little Treasure. Her eyes shone so brightly and her face was full of energy, all her haggardness vanishing.

When Lu Tingxiao saw her reaction, his face darkened. This girl... Could it be that after Little Treasure called her "Mommy ", she had not slept for the whole night as a result of being too excited, so she looked that haggard now?

The moment Little Treasure saw his mother, he swiftly ran over and shouted, "Mommy!"

On the way there, it did not matter whether it was Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, or Lu Jingli. They could not make Little Treasure speak. The moment he saw Ning Xi, he had unexpectedly opened up by himself, the three of their jaws falling open in shock.

Ning Xi, on the other hand, was ecstatically happy. She carried the Little Bun and said, "Oh, I can finally confirm it! I wasn't experiencing any illusion last night! Babyreally called me Mommy!"

It made her excited yet worried and sleepless for the entire night!

Now, she could finally feel assured!

But she was still a little worried...

"Baby, can you call me one more time?" Ning Xi looked in anticipation.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi could not help but hold their breaths to wait too...

"Mommy!" Little Treasure did not hesitate to call out again.



"Again, again!"


"Can you say it one last time?"

Little Treasure scooted over and hugged his mother's neck tightly. There were remnants of fear and worry in his eyes from yesterday's shock and his voice was raspy, "Mommy, don't leave Little Treasure alone..."

Ning Xi's heart ached as she blamed herself. She carried the precious little guy in her arms. "I never will!"

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...oh! Oh my God! Little Treasure just said eight words altogether! Eight words! Mother, did you hear that?" Lu Jingli gasped.

When she saw this scene, Yan Ruyi could not help but tear up and she nodded. "I did, I did!"

Even Lu Chongshan felt rueful. Little Treasure had spoken, he was really willing to speak! Now, could theyfinally be sure that he was alright now?

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