Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1118

A few days later, at a certain public figure's private gathering in Imperial.

Inside the VIP room, there were hearty greetings of congratulations. A few men were fighting to clink glasses with Zhao Haisheng.

"Congratulations, CEO Zhao!"

"There are four happy things in life - rain falling in times of great drought, meeting an old friend in a foreign land, your wedding night, and when one's name is bestowedwith a title! You punk, you got two things in just a few days! You've married your wife and successfully inherited the company!"

"Hahaha! Everyone is too courteous. I just have good luck!" As he listened to the praises surrounding him, Zhao Haisheng drank up and replied humbly while smiling ear to ear.

"Well, don't let it be so good either! How did you actually hook up with the Lu Corporation? As we watched your company about to be taken over by that bastard son, Lu Tingxiao suddenly fell from the sky and threw money in the billions and helped you sit firmly in your CEO seat of the Zhao Corporation overnight!"

"Exactly! My eyes were about to roll out watching all that happen!"

"Hey, let's be serious. How did you get Lu Tingxiao to help you? Are you two usually so close?"


Inside the room, everyone asked one question after another and Zhao Haisheng waved. "All of you praise me too highly. I just followed Bro Tian to climb a mountain and all, but I didn't say anything to him! Don't even talk about you, even I'm confused! Not only did I not befriend CEO Lu, the two of our companies have no business dealings at all. I still don't know why he would help me!"

"Pfft, that's enough! Don't pretend and all that tosh after getting the advantages!"

"Hahahaha...then it must be because CEO Lu admires my talents, so he decided to help me out! This is called personal charm!"


The room was a frenzied buffoonery, yet in a corner, Mo Lingtian's mouth twitched as he sipped on his drink when he heard Zhao Haisheng's conversation with those guys.

Personal charm? Talents?

Talents, my ass!

However, this little punk Zhao Haisheng had really been lucky! Others may not know, but he did.

Lu Tingxiao had only helped Zhao Haisheng because Zhao Haisheng and his wife had stopped Cao Lirong and not let her escape...

Zhao Haisheng would probably never have guessed that his casual act would have received such a return of favor from Lu Tingxiao...

"Oh yes, a few days ago, someone almost died at Bro Tian's father's banquet. Did you guys hear about that?" Someone in the room suddenly asked in a lowered voice.

"Really? No wonder Bro Tian has been unhappy and hid in the corner to drink!"

"Then, what happened after?"

"After that, I heard that person who pushed the person into the pond died in the police station!"

"What!? How did he or she die?"

"It seems like he or she had accidentally been in contact with some over-sensitive thing and died..."


Zhao Haisheng had been there. He even knew that the person involved was Lu Tingxiao's girlfriend and that the person who pushed her was Guan Ziyao's relative. There must be an even complicated situation behind all that, so he only listened to the others discuss it and did not say much himself.

On the other hand, as Mo Lingtian listened to the discussions around him, his hurting head now ached even more and felt like it was about to explode.

In the next second, he suddenly kicked the coffee table, then walked right out of the room.

Behind him was dead silence.

They waited till Mo Lingtian had walked away for a long time before another round of gossip began...


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