Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1119

Mo Lingtian braced his exploding head and drove aimlessly on the empty road.

That was right...

Cao Lirong had died...

Ziyao's explanation to him was that Cao Lirong was allergic to peanuts. Apparently, she had accidentally eaten a peanut-based product and died. From a medical perspective, there was nothing odd about it.

However, Cao Lirong had died at such a chaotic time. How could he believe that this incident was a coincidence from the start to the end?

In denial, he did not even want to think that within all of this happening, Ziyao had really done something...

To his impression, he was so comfortable and at ease with her. How could she do something against her principles for a personal vendetta?

Mo Lingtian had continued to make excuses for her. Before this, her father had investigated Ning Xi himself. This time, it must have been her father again, yet she knew nothing?

Mo Lingtian felt like his mind was about to split into half. One half of him believed her, and the other half was suspicious of her...

Unknowingly, he had driven to a row of small houses, then he walked muddle-headed towards one of the old houses. He stumbled in front of the door and started to knock hard on it...

At the door, there was a sound of rushed footsteps before a girl in her sleeping gown and a carelessly thrown-on coat opened the door swiftly with a shocked expression. Her eyes sparkled in a pleasant surprise. "Lingtian..."

In this dense and stifling night, the girl stood at the door akin to the sincerity and elegance of a lily, emitting an aura that made one feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed.

Mo Lingtian felt like he was a traveler in the wilderness in the dead of the night and that he had finally returned home...

Because he had suddenly relaxed, he lost every ounce of strength he had and just slumped to the front...

"Ah!" The girl shouted, then quickly hurled out her arms to help him up but she really could not hold his weight. At last, the two of them fell together onto the floor.

Before the man's head could hit the ground, the girl had used the back of her hand to cushion his head. The impact on her hand almost pushed her to tears. She looked panicked as she asked, "Are you okay? Did the fall hurt? Quickly get up!"

The girl spoke as she tried to help him up. Mo Lingtian was delirious as he looked at the girl's face. He was being propped up halfway when he suddenly used his strength to push the girl down and started a heated kiss. One kiss after another fell hotly on her lips, collarbone, shoulders...

The girl tried her best to push him away but he was too strong, and he wasdrunk. One of his legs pressed against her knee and his palms locked her arms above her head, easily making her immobile. She could only let him slowly devour her skin and brush aside the collar of her sleeping gown. He continued to kiss her all the way down...

At the CEO's office of the Lu Corporation.

"Chairman Guan, you cannot go in. The CEO is not receiving guests right now! Chairman Guan...Guan..."

Guan Rui ignored the secretary's feeble warnings and pushed open the door to the CEO's office. "Lu Tingxiao!"

Before the wide desk, the man looked up from his pile of documents and at his secretary. The secretary immediately walked out nervously and shut the office door.

"Lu Tingxiao, what is the meaning of this?" Guan Rui threw the newspaper harshly before him.

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