Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1120

The headline of the finance section in the papers showed the Lu Corporation and Zhao Corporation's latest proposal for collaboration. However, the collaboration was meant to be between the Guans and the Lus instead!

"I've discussed this collaboration with your father, yet you've disregarded that and signed it with the Zhao family. Don't you think I deserve an explanation?" Guan Rui's words were intense as he interrogated.

Lu Tingxiao looked plainly at the man. "Chairman Guan, you don't seem to haveunderstood who makes the decisions for the Lu family now."

"You..." Guan Rui could not say a word. Imperial was Lu Tingxiao's turf. They needed to establish themselves, so they had to go through the Lu family to do so but Lu Tingxiao now called the shots!

Guan Rui could only suppress his anger and calm down to persuade patiently, "Tingxiao, I don't know if that woman has said anything to you, but the truth is before you. What happened the last time was clear. It was just a common quarrel that caused the accident. Not only that, Rong Rong has already paid the price with her life for it, isn't that enough?"

The moment Guan Rui finished, a dim light flashed across Lu Tingxiao's cold eyes.

Not too long ago, he had received a phone call from the police station that Cao Lirong was dead. The cause of death was a sudden heart attack.

Guan Rui was lucky. He had asked people to watch her 24 hours a day and there was no way they could do anything, but Cao Lirong was probably too pressured and had died as a result in the police station.

Dead men tell no tales. The Guan family could explain it however they wanted. It was also because of this that Guan Rui came here to interrogate him without holding back.

"What intentional murder? All of that was complete nonsense. You've used this baseless accusation to ruin the friendship between our families without any evidence. Tingxiao, you'd better think over clearly!" Guan Rui's tone came threateningly.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the man before him without any expression and he said slowly, "Whoever said that I needed evidence?"

Who said that I needed evidence to cut off that collaboration?

Did he need a reason to let his wife vent her anger?

Guan Rui was really incensed now. "You fail to understand what's wrong or right just for a woman. You've really been muddle-headed by that woman's charm! One day, you'll regret this!"

Guan Rui had rushed over in anger and left even more furious.

After he left the Lu Corporation building, he made his way straight to the Lu family's old residence, yet when he arrived, he was told that Lu Chongshan was at Platinum Palace.

So, Guan Rui made his way to Platinum Palace.

When Guan Rui arrived, Little Treasure was in the building behind learning from Song Jin and Lu Chongshan was observing on the side. Once in a while, he would chat to Song Jin about some insights or interesting anecdotes about Little Treasure. The atmosphere was incredibly harmonious.

When he heard the maid announce that Guan Rui had found his way over, Lu Chongshan was quite unhappy as it would disturb his quality time with his grandson.

"Elder Song, I have a guest. Excuse me for I must leave."

Helpless, Lu Chongshan could only inform Song Jin before making his way to receive Guan Rui in the living room.

"Bro Guan, what wind has blown you over here?! Why didn't you inform me beforehand that you were coming?" Lu Chongshan walked over courteously to greet him.

"I couldn't contact your phone," Guan Rui replied.

When Lu Chongshan heard this, he quickly said, "Sigh, look at my memory. I was accompaning my grandson practicing his painting earlier, so I switched off my phone, I'm really sorry!"

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