Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1121

Guan Rui was full of rage now. He did not bother making any more small talk with Lu Chongshan and went straight to the point, "Old Lu, I won't say more, but I'm sure you know why I'm here. That collaborative proposal was discussed with you when I had just returned to the country, and I just confirmed with you half a month ago that there aren't any problems, yet now you suddenly back out of the promise and even gave it to some random Zhao family. Isn't this hitting us Guans below the belt?"

Obviously, Lu Chongshan knew that he was here for this. He first made him sit down then said helplessly, "Bro Guan, our families have been friends for so many years. Of course, I'll help you, my bro, now that you're back in the country to expand and I'm glad to collaborate with the Guan family. Not only I, Tingxiao has the same thoughts too. He also agreed to this arrangement earlier...but, you know as well as I do about that incident a few days ago..."

Guan Rui was immediately furious when he heard Lu Chongshan bring that up. "That incident has already been investigated to be an accident, Rong Rong was wrong to speak rudely, but it's common for girls to squabble a little. She's even paid with her life, yet that woman is still unwilling to forgive. Isn't she a little too evil!?

"I don't know what that woman has been saying to Tingxiao until we have suddenly been cut off from such a huge proposal! Chongshan, Tingxiao is young, credulous, and he acts on impulse. He's about to be bewitched by that woman. Are you just going to watch him mess up?"

When Lu Chongshan heard this, his expression turned solemn. He could scold and interrogate his own son, but he would not let an outsider say all of these. Even if this person was Guan Rui.

Furthermore, he had seen that incident from the moment it started. He had seen for himself that Ning Xi was pushed into the water by a relative of the Guan family. He also saw for himself in the CCTV footage that the woman had been rudely provoking her, while Ning Xi did not say anything all the way until she was pushed into the emergency ward. When they received an official letter informing them of her critical condition, he had heard the heartbreaking cries of Little Treasure himself... All of this still left him fear lingering in him.

Even though Cao Lirong had died after that, it was classified as sudden death and not caused by the Lu family. Still, Guan Rui's tone sounded as if she had been killed by the Lus and that it was the Lu family who was unwilling to forgive.

Besides, the dead could not testify, so no one knew whether the Guan family had a hand in this incident. Even he could not help but be suspicious, much less Tingxiao.

Thus, even though he felt that it was slightly negligent of Tingxiao to cut off their collaboration without a word, he could understand why his son did it.

It was impossible for any man to be indifferent when such an incident happened. Even if he had opinions about Ning Xi, he could not deny that the incident had nothing to do with Ning Xi at all.

On the contrary, it was still thanks to her that Little Treasure could finally speak.

When he thought of this, Lu Chongshan just said, "Bro Guan, Tingxiao was indeed sloppy to suddenly change the collaboration, but it's understandable. After all, the Guan family was wrong in the first place. If it was not for Cao Lirong's sudden provocation to hurt someone, would the incident have developed to the stage it was now at? Knowing Tingxiao, the fact that he had only changed the collaboration, this is already mild considering our two families' many years of friendship!"

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