Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1124

Seeing how Little Treasure was having a conversation with Ning Xi, Yan Ruyi looked at Lu Chongshan, happiness and pride swelling in their hearts.

They had asked Qin Mufeng about Little Treasures condition. He mentioned that Little Treasure was mostly fine now, but he would probably just talk to the people he felt safe with.

Unfortunately, they took some extreme measures while trying to help Little Treasure back then, so now, their only grandchild did not trust them.

Yan Ruyi walked towards them and asked, "Tingxiao, are you guys cooking your own dinner?"

"Little Treasures homework is to cook a dinner with his parents," replied Lu Tingxiao.

Yan Ruyi nodded. "I see! What a meaningful homework! Would your father and I be interrupting?"

Lu Tingxiao was surprised and even Ning Xi felt odd.

She was just here today to make dinner with Little Treasure and did not expect Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan to be here as well. She was thinking that she might have to return tomorrow to complete Little Treasures homework, but not only did Yan Ruyi not look unhappy, her attitude was also...far gentler than ever

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi looked at each other. "Its alright, just watch some TV for a while. Dinner will be ready soon."

"Okay, go on! If you need help, let me know!" Yan Ruyi said. Lu Chongshan did not have any complaints as well.

"Mmm," Lu Tingxiao replied.

After Ning Xi greeted the elders, she went into the kitchen with Little Treasure.

Lu Jingli went back to his own yard to get some vegetables after the three of them went into the kitchen as he felt that his own vegetables were the best.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan sat on the sofa as they looked at the happy family in the kitchen with mixed expressions.

From time to time, they heard Little Treasures cute little voice from the kitchen

This was the ideal scenario they had dreamt of

Ever since Little Treasures incident, the Lu family was surrounded by stormy drama. They never expected that they could still be alive to see the day Little Treasure recovered

"Chongshan, I suppose we should put down what happened the last time. We cant just deny everyone else because of one person. Weve observed this girl for so long. She really cares for Little Treasure" Yan Ruyi sighed.

Lu Chongshan remained silent. He did not react like before and erupt into anger. He mumbled, "Lets observe longer"

You would really only know a person after a long enough time!

In the kitchen, under Ning Xis commands to the big bun and the little bun, they soon finished preparing a delicious meal.

Ning Xi glanced at the pot of soup on the stove and told the little bun, "Little Treasure, were finishing soon. Go and tell Grandfather and Grandmother to come and eat!"

"Okay, Mommy." Little Treasure obediently ran towards the living room.

When Little Treasure went over, Yan Ruyi was speaking to Lu Chongshan and they did not notice him there.

When they were still talking, they heard a cute little voice call out, "Grandfather!"

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