Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1126

"Ah!" Ning Xi squatted down and patted the little buns head.

"When will you come back?"

"Mmm, Im not sure yet, but Ill video call you!"

"I want a hug!"

Ning Xi hugged him for a while.

"I want a kiss!"

Ning Xi kissed his forehead.

Only after a long while did Ning Xi finally leave.

Lu Jingli witnessed the whole process of the little bun parting with Ning Xi.

The moment Ning Xi left, Lu Jingli went up to the little bun and said, "Dont be sad, Little Treasure, Second Uncle can give you hugs and kisses. Come to Second Uncle!"

The little buns gentle gaze remained focused on his mother before he looked at Lu Jingli seriously. "Second Uncle, Im my mothers baby. If youd like to one, get one yourself."

Lu Jingli was speechless.He felt like multiple arrows had just been shot through his chest!

"Brother! Look at your son!"

Lu Tingxiao patted his sons head. As expected of his clever son! "Mmm, Little Treasure is mothers baby."

Yan Ruyi went along, "Little Treasures right. If you like kids, go and find someone and get your own kids. Stop troubling other peoples kids!"

Lu Chongshan sneered at him, "If hes capable to find one that is!"

He was attacked simultaneously by his nephew, his brother, and his parents

He did not dare to brag to them about Little Treasure calling him "Second Uncle" again

The next morning, after a good night's rest, Ning Xi brought Han Momo with her to Qingdao.

Qingdao was under the Hubei province, which was much closer to Imperial. There were two competing shopping complexes and Qiao Weilan had already contacted one of them.

Ning Xis aim this time was to discuss the details. She did not have to do everything by herself as the boss, but she wanted to experience this learning process.

On the plane, Han Momo was arranging Gong Shangzes designs as Ning Xi was looking into the proposal carefully in case there were any mistakes that needed to be rectified.

Ning Xi did not really feel pressured for this cross-state retail store as this was just the first step. Spirit would be expanding its roots to every state in the country until it went international.

Qingdao was not far away, so it only took them an hour of flying.

After they left the airport, they checked into the hotel they had booked.

After lunch, Han Momo followed Ning Xi and went to the largest shopping complex in Qingdahad the New Era mall.

In Qingdao, there were two renowned shopping complexes, one being New Era Mall, and the other was Allstar mall.

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