Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1128

"Haha, Ms. Ning, its all set then. Lets return to Imperial tomorrow together. Let me take a look at Spirits headquarters and well get the contract signed. How does that sound?" Deng Kuan beamed.

"Of course, well welcome you. Its set then. If therere any more questions, you can contact me anytime." Ning Xis expression softened.

After a short casual chat with Deng Kuan and agreeing on the time to go back together to sign the contract, Ning Xi left with Han Momo.

Ning Xi and Han Momo went straight back to their hotel after they left New Era mall.

Just a moment after Ning Xi left, a man walked into Deng Kuans office.

"Mr. Deng, please allow me to introduce myself. Im the Marketing Director of History, Qin Zifan." The man looked at Deng Kuan smilingly.


Deng Kuan was a little taken aback. Of course, he knew about History.History had been founded earlier than Spirit. Coincidentally, both their brand positionings and styles were similar. Everyone knew that these two luxury brands were currently competing.

"Qin Zifan...if I remember correctly, youre the former Marketing Director of SF?" Deng Kuan took a glance at Qin Zifan, seeming to remember him.

Qin Zifan nodded, not denying it.

"Haha, Mr. Qin, Im afraid youre too late, Ive already made an agreement with Spirit. Im going to franchise Spirits brand. Sorry but youve wasted your efforts to come here."

An experienced businessman like Deng Kuan could surely guess Qin Zifans intentions for being there.

"Oh...hmm, an oral agreement?" Qin Zifan pondered, "I believe as abusinessman, Ill be straightforward with you. Were really interested in working with you. This proposal was written by me personally. You maytake a look before making a conclusion."

Deng Kuan took the proposal and read through it patiently.

"Two points lower than Spirit?!"

Deng Kuan was shocked. This offer was much more attractive than Spirits!

"If you accept our offer, from the brand management to the supply and training of the salespeople, well make the necessary arrangements directly from our headquarters, and most importantly, any fees needed for promotions will be provided by us as well." Qin Zifan offered an extremely attractive deal.

Deng Kuan took some time to contemplate. "Well, were all friends. Lets have dinner tonight and go through the details"

Qian Zifan gave Ning Xueluo a call after he came out of the office.

"Boss, its done! I told you so, the Marketing Director of Spirit is just a nobody!"

He ended the call with a wide grin, then left.

The next day, inthe hotel room, Ning Xi received an abrupt message from Deng Kuan. He said that after a long consideration, they decided to give up Spirit and choose History instead.The main reason was that History made a better offer.

"How could he be like this? That Mr. Deng broke our promise!" Han Momo expressed her injustice of the situation.

"We were too careless this time. Anyhow, we should go there and confirm with him directly" Ning Xis expression turned serious. She did not say much and went straight to New Era mall.She then realized that Deng Kuan had made his decision earlier

He had invited Ning Xi for lunch but had not said anything about Spirits franchise.

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