Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1129

Ning Xi found out that after she left, the Marketing Director of History, Qin Zifan, had quickly gone to talk to Deng Kuan.

After he dropped by, Deng Kuan decisively gave up on franchising Spirit and chose History; one did not have to guess much about what happened.

As she was leaving New Era mall, Ning Xi gave Qiao Weilan a call and asked her to go over to Qingdao immediately.

The Marketing Director of History seemed to be very experienced. In such a situation, she could only rely on Qiao Weilan!

Lets hope she has a solution

In the afternoon, Qiao Weilan rushed to Qingdao and stayed in the same hotel as Ning Xi.

In the video call before, Ning Xi had already told Qiao Weilan about the situation, but she repeated it again after they met each other.

"Give up on New Era," Qiao Weilan voiced her thoughts straightforwardly.

"Give up? My ace...are you sure?" Ning Xi felt skeptical. Was this something Qiao Weilan would say?

"Thats right," Qiao Weilan replied, "The Marketing Director of History came here fully prepared. He wanted to wage a war of pricing. If we deal with him, we wont be able to win. In fact, wed lose even if we get the deal."

"What do you mean, Director Qiao?" Han Momo was a little confused.

"It's simple. History wanted a price war, so they gave New Era the lowest price possible, which means that History wouldnt be earning. If were going to get the deal back, we can only offer a lower price, which is bad for Spirit. It might even affect our products quality. Its not necessary to go that far just for New Era," Qiao Weilan explained.

"Director Qiao, do you mean that if we were to get the deal back, wed be hurting ourselves, and History would stop giving their sweeter deal as they would have achieved their goal? If we dont try, New Era would be go to History anyway. Although they will have very little profit, its still good promotion for Historys brand," Ning Xi said.

"Thats right." Qiao Weilan nodded and Ning Xi understood the situation perfectly.

Ning Xi was shocked. Who exactly was the Marketing Director of History? He had just created a sure-win scenario for himself!

If Spirit wanted to get New Era back, then they would have to pay a price. On the other hand, if Spirit did not do anything, it would benefit History. Regardless of whether they snatched the deal back or not, Spirit would still lose either way!

Spirit was now stuck in an awkward position. Neither moving forward nor backward was good.

"So, weve lost?" Ning Xi felt a little frustrated as their first cross-state deal was snatched by History.

"Lose? The game has just begun." Qiao Weilans cold face lit up when she talked about a topic involving her area of expertise.

"Ah? But, Director Qiao, you just said that no matter what we do, well lose, so what should we do?" Han Momo was confused.

Not just Han Momo, even Ning Xi could not tell what Qiao Weilan was thinking about.

"Besides New Era, we have another suitable choice. It's New Eras opponent, Allstar," Qiao Weilan replied.

"Allstar mall"

Ning Xi thought about it when she heard Qiao Weilan mentioned Allstar.

"In these last few years, while New Era was performing better than Allstar in overall, it did not mean that Allstar was doing poorly. Instead, Allstar was really capable, especially its luxury franchise retail stores. Allstar performed well in this area and the customer flows are consistent," Qiao Weilan elaborated.

"So, Director Qiao, you're saying that we should go to Allstar instead?" Ning Xi somewhat understood Qiao Weilans intentions.

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