Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1131

The definition of Spirit was obvious. It was classified as a high-end luxury brand. While New Era's human traffic was more than Allstar's, they were clearly not the ones Spirit was targeting. Allstar was different; it had many high-end customers!


In just two days, Ning Xi and Qiao Weilan had discussions with Allstar and finally signed the contract for opening a retail store.

And this retailer was even more capable than New Era's Deng Kuan. It was one of Allstar's shareholders!

In the past few days, Qiao Weilan had accompanied Ning Xi to travel back and forth Hebei and was very busy helping Spirit's retailer launch their business in person. This made Allstar's shareholders have a favourable impression of her.

Further unexpectedly for Ning Xi, on the first day of business, she had bumped into a familiar face in Allstar.

Ming Fangfang.

She was not shocked to bump into Ming Fangfang in Qingdao. She was more surprised to see the man beside her. The man was tall and handsome. He looked very young and was holding a mix of big and small bags with an ice cream in one hand. He was attentively pampering her.

"Miss Ning, long time no see! Didn't think I would actually bump into you here! I haven't thanked you for the last time. Let's find a place for a meal together," Ming Fangfang suggested when she saw her.

She was different from the hysterical and sallow woman from before. The Ming Fangfang today emitted the gentleness of a woman and looked really good too. It seemed like she was living a healthy and lucky life.

"This is...?" The man looked at Ning Xi and asked.

"Ning Xi. I've mentioned her to you before."

"Oh, you're Ning Xi..." The man instantly revealed a good-natured expression. "Then, we should indeed treat her to a meal. I wonder if you're free?"

When Ning Xi regained her senses from her shock, she answered frankly, "Sure! Of course, I don't mind being treated to lunch!"

At a nearby restaurant later, theman knew that with him around, they would not be able to speak freely, so he did not bother them and left after dropping them off at the restaurant. "Call me when you're done, I'll pick you."

"Mmm," Ming Fangfang responded.

After he left, Ming Fangfang leaned back on her chair and looked at Ning Xi, then asked, "Have you been shooting recently?"

"I just finished shooting a movie. If all goes well, then it should be in the theatres soon," answered Ning Xi.

"Which director?"

"Chen Mian."

"What a coincidence! The first movie I shot was with Director Chen..." Ming Fangfang could not help but say ruefully.

Ming Fangfang had acted in Chen Mian's second movie "Love Is In The Future" as the female protagonist.That movie was still an insurmountable classic and it had also established Ming Fangfang's status in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, Ming Fangfang was the daughter of an affluent family. She had only joined the entertainment industry for fun. At last, she had only acted in this one movie before getting married.

However, even though she had left the industry for a while now, her name still held some prestige, which was why so many people had been interested when Hu Hongda was revealed to be having an extramarital affair.

After exchanging a few more conventional small talk, Ming Fangfang looked to Ning Xi to say, "Don't you have anything that you want to ask?"

Ning Xi had been curious since before, but she just felt that it was not polite to ask too much. However since Ming Fangfang had raised it herself, she decided to just nose in, "Um, Senior, that man just now is...?"

"My husband," answered Ming Fangfang, pleased by the sound of Ning Xi addressing her as "Senior".

"Ah..." Ning Xi had meant to ask whether she had divorced Hu Hongda. Well, now it looked she did not have to. Not only did they get a divorce, she had even remarried very quickly.

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