Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1132

No wonder she appeared in Qingdao. It turns out that she had gotten married and moved here!

Ning Xi instantly showed her a thumbs up. "Cool!"

Ming Fangfang was amused by her reaction. "Am I?"

"Of course! To be honest, I was quite worried before this. I was afraid that you'd be soft-hearted! I could see that you really loved Hu Hongda. After all, you even forgave him when he had an affair...but thankfully, you're a true goddess! You decisively cut him off!" Ning Xi kowtowed with her fists together as a sign of respect.

Ming Fangfang forced a smile. "I'm not as blunt as you say I am. It's because I'm too indecisive that I dragged it on for so many years...to the point that if it were not for Fang Ya appearing at our door and showing me their true colors, I might have really repeated my mistakes!"

"Fang Ya actually went to your house?" Ning Xi could basically imagine how the situation had panned out. "Even though I think that you should have gotten the divorce...wouldn't that be letting Fang Ya off too lightly?"

Ming Fangfang sneered, "It looks like you haven't been reading the news lately."

Ning Xi blinked and spread her hands innocently. "Are you talking about the news in finance? I only read the entertainment section!"

"Hu Hongda is bankrupt," said Ming Fangfang.

"Bankrupt...then Fang Ya..." Even though Ning Xi was a little shocked, this was still within her predictions. In that situation then, New Era's estates would have already been ruined to the brink of death by Lu Tingxiao, and since they had even chased away Ming Fangfang, naturally, there was only one dead end.

"What do you think?" Ming Fangfang looked at her.

Ning Xi raised her brows. "Did she get an abortion, then run off?"

Hu Hongda was bankrupt, so there was no way Fang Ya would continue to be with him.

In their plan, they thought that Ming Fangfang would compromise and help to save the company, then they could continue to collude together and enjoy the luxury of wealth, but the did not expect Ming Fangfang not to do as they wished. In the end, the two were left with nothing.

"Huh, the company went bankrupt and after Fang Ya aborted their child, Hu Hongda immediately ran back to look for me..."

Ning Xi revealed a worried expression. "With his personality, he must have clung on you to no end and refused agree to the divorce. Am I right?"

"You guessed it."

"Then, how did you get rid of him in the end?"

"What else can I do with these kind of people? My family got someone to beat him up, then he immediately straightened up. Otherwise, do you think I could have gotten logic through him any other way?"

Ning Xi revealed an expression of satisfaction. It looked like Ming Fangfang had thoroughly let go of that good-for-nothing. "The one you have right now...he looks like he treats you very well."

When she brought up that man from earlier, Ming Fangfang's initial cool expression softened quite a little. "Mmm, he's...indeed very good to me...he's liked me for many years, but I've never considered him because he's five whole years younger than me.

"At that time, I thought that he was young and didn't believe that he was serious. I also felt that children of wealthy families like him wouldn't be reliable, but who would have thought that he waited on me for so many years? He immediately came looking for me when he heard that I had gotten a divorce.

"At first, I still couldn't accept him because I felt inferior and that his family would definitely not agree to let him marry a woman who's a divorcee and was so many years older than him..."

Ning Xi frowned. This was indeed a little thorny. "Then, what happened?"

Ming Fangfang continued with a more tender expression now, "Then, I frankly told him that it's hard for me to get pregnant and that I might never bear a child my entire life. I wanted him to back out...at last,he actually got a diagnosis from the hospital and told me that what a coincidence! He isn't fertile either."

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