Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1134

Not only was Ming Fangfang queen of Imperial's prestigious families, her husband was also from one of the most renowned tycoon, so they did not think that Spirit's owner would be friends with her. The attitude of Allstar's person-in-charge instantly increased in respect and important regard for this retail store.

"Mrs. Zhao, this way in! If I knew you were coming, I would've covered up all the corners in this place just in case you knock into anything!"

Everyone knew how CEO Zhao pampered his wife!

Ning Xi was speechless from the sidelines. Not bad, this person has a talent for brown-nosing!

Ming Fangfang held her forehead in mock distress. "You see that? Everywhere I go, it's like this! I have to suffer days like this for another seven months!"

Ning Xi smiled teasingly. "I pity you!"

As Ning Xi said this, she definitely would not have thought that...one day, she would be the one who deserved the most pity...

Not too far away, Qiao Weilan and Han Momo's eyes were full of astonishment as they watched the way Ning Xi conversed happily with Ming Fangfang. Before this, they had been worried about finding the right person to launch their retail store in Qingdao, but who would have known that Ning Xi had invited Qingdao's favorite lady from the Zhao family over?

Not only was she famous in the entertainment industry, her and her husband's families were public figures too. This was perfect for Spirit's niche and demand. Very soon, they could see hat the effect of Ming Fangfang's visit was even better than they had imagined.

Since Ming Fangfang was had gotten pregnant, she was rarely out and about and had not appeared before the media in a long time. This time, after Qingdao's media heard the news, they all flocked over. It had even attracted a lot of Ming Fangfang's high-end die-hard fans. On just the first day of the launch alone, Spirit's retail store in Allstar had almost been cleared out of stock, making the revenue on the first day tally up to several millions!

In comparison, History's store that had opened yesterday seemed a little quiet. Their two days of business turnover could not even reach Spirit's bar at Allstar.

After Allstar's opening ceremony ended, Ning Xi had stayed for a few more days to see how Spirit would fare in Allstar. Throughout a few days of observation, Allstar's turnover rate looked promising every day.

Ning Xi was now incredibly full of admiration for Qiao Weilan's strategic mindset. Allstar's high-end crowd was indeed a few times more than New Era's, making it an excellent starting point for Spirit to begin in the Hebei Province.

As for Qiao Weilan and Han Momo, they thought that Ning Xi was truly magical instead. She always had unexpected surprises for them every single time. Ming Fangfang's visit and support was truly the powerful key that led to Spirit being renowned in the Hebei Province.

Now, Deng Kuan from New Era was utterly regretful. If he had known that it would turn out like this, he would not have turned on his words back then!

But there was no pill for regrets. It was a done deal now...


Very quickly, the news had spread to Imperial. When Ning Xueluo heard about this, she flew into a terrible rage and scolded Qin Zifan ruthlessly.

She never would have thought that not only did Spirit get a deal with Allstar Mall, even Ming Fangfang had gone over to show her support! Allstar did not have such power, so it must have been Spirit who invited Ming Fangfang...

Damn it! What was happening recently!? Not a single thing has been going right!

Ning Xueluo was annoyed as she picked up the phone and said impatiently to the other end, "How's that thing I asked you to help me do the last time? Why aren't there results yet?"

"What are you rushing for? The target is hooked. Be prepared to pull your net in," the man replied nonchalantly on the other end of the phone.

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